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I just finished watching Gotham's 14 episode of its first season. Unfortunately Gotham refuses to improve. The plot is not appealing and on a straight route to nowhere. Seeing Gordon being punished and sent to Arkham for two whole episodes was a poor shock element just to exit to the winter break with a bang, only without the bang itself (check our Gotham mid season reviews). This was one of the frustrating things about the show that we saw so far. Most of the characters are poorly written and none of them makes you cheer for them, with me it generates the opposite. I want them all to die so I won't have to endure them on screen any more. Let's break it down to characters and see what's wrong with each one of them and why every time I see them communicate between themselves I get this special will to hang myself.
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James Gordon

I never thought about Gordon as a character that can pull a show like Gotham on his back alone, this show didn't even try to help. This version of Gordon just doesn't seem to be real. He is too big of a boy scout, this angry version of him in the last few episodes ever since Gotham returned from the winter break doesn't help either. When I imagined Gordon in his early years when he started in the police department I always thought about a brilliant cop that knew exactly what he wants and know exactly how to get it. a guy who becomes the #1 cop in the city needs to know how to be flexible and play the political game to advance to the position of power from which he truly can make the changes he wants to do. The Gordon we see in the show is none of that, and it's not Ben McKenzie's fault, it's like always the writers. Fox's version of Gordon is a brute green cop that doesn't belong to the environment he is in. the problem is that he just doesn't adapt, he uses brute force to go forward but in reality he remains standing on the same spot for 15 episodes already. Ben McKenzie's Gordon is an open book you get what you see and this is wrong it shouldn't be like that.

Harvey Bullock

I liked Harvey in the beginning of the show he was not good nor bad he was what I like to call grey. The character that would cross to the dark side, just to sacrifice a lot for the greater good as he sees it. In the pilot episode Harvey looked as a corrupt cop who was on Falcons pay roll and that's Ok it fitted his original persona but as the show advanced forward Bullock lost his bad side or his grey persona he became Gordon's sidekick in a pretty bad way. He was a yes man that got dragged after his unrestrained partner to practically nowhere. Not only that but Bullock's impact on the show, or its main plot decreased to practically nothing. I imagined the Bullock character as somebody who doesn't has any restrains he does what he wants listens to nobody and on straight one way ticket to self destruction. The show managed to show some of those devastating qualities but not much, and that is Gotham's Bullock main problem.
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DC Comics

Bruce Wayne

i understand that the show needed to introduce the young Bruce Wayne to connect the new show to the Dark Knight that the city will bring out of our young hero. Unfortunately the character takes way too much screen time. Gotham presents 10 (or 12 I don't remember but who cares anyway) year old Bruce as a cold calculated character that seems to be too smart, the problem with it all that he looks too smart in a bad, he's story is boring and childish although he tries to be more of adult than he should.

Selina Kyle

Just like Bruce Wayne Selina is the odd girl in here. The character is not developed in any way and the only connection she has to the show is her being the witness to the murder of the Wayne's we saw in the pilot episode. Other than that she doesn't play a role in the show and the poor attempt making her work with young Wayne and creating a childish crash between the two towards the mid-season finale failed miserably because both characters are boring as hell and seems like both were forced on us. i can understand why we have to endure Bruce Wayne's presence but Selina Kyle was someone that we could have been spared seeing on the small screen.

The Penguin and Fish Mooney

I didn't want to dedicate two paragraphs for those two because they don't worth the space. Both characters seem over the top cartoonish in a silly way, while the penguin is somehow controversial when a lot of viewers seem to like seeing what Robin Lord Taylor brings to the table, Jada Pinkett Smith's Fish Moony looks like she was dropped on us from a different planet. The Penguin is a character that is built from the bottom up and the show tells a pretty good story of his rise to what he is supposed to become. Unfortunately like most of the young iconic batman villains I don't really want to see him on screen. This show is supposed to be about Gordon (and Bullock). Fish Mooney is someone that has no place in the original story and based on the character we saw on screen she has no base for existence.

Edward Nygma

The young Nygma is the only entertaining character this show has to offer, he is the only one I want to see on my TV screen. At first I didn't really know why, the last time we all saw the Riddler on the big screen was Batman Forever played by Jim Carrey. Carrey was repulsive in that film and the entire impression from the character was not very good. In Gotham Cory Michael Smith managed to turn Nygma into something none of us expected to see, a sort of a cute young puppy. Cory Michael Smith managed to turn this character to the most interesting one in the show with zero screen time and no plot that gave him a specific role in the show. Kudos to Cory Michael Smith but it's a horrible benchmark for a show which doesn't even showcases his character and fails on everything else.

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