The Avengers Review

The Avengers Review

Finally saw the new Avengers movie.
Generally I like all Hollywood's comic adaptations (except spider man - that just sucked) and this one was no different.

The Avengers trailer : 

It started strong with Loki wiping the floor with practically everyone on site, the only two things I didn't like about the scene was the hypnotization of Hawkeye and him becoming Loki's bi**h for half of the movie. The 2nd thing that bothered me is Samuel Jackson being Fury. That is just wrong I’m sorry but I was used to Fury being white and it doesn’t have to do nothing with racism, it’s just my take on it. Samuel Jackson does a … OK job as Fury but its like something is wrong and I think it is because of the reason I mentioned above.
Most of the Avengers in between the first scene where Loki shows up and the last fight scene were forgettable; the plot development was mediocre at best. It felt like they are wasting time towards the last fight scene, that is why most of the interactions between the Avengers was there as filler. Except maybe the part where Thor and Iron Man met - That fight was fun. Unfortunately most of the Avengers had major problems (my opinion) in this movie. Let’s break it down:

The Hulk

Let’s start with the fact that the Hulk character was played by 3 different actors in the past 10 years. I don't think it’s a good sign. In my opinion Eric Bana was the best hulk, Edward Norton was ... to tell you the truth I didn't get that movie at all, so the only thing I can say about Edward Norton as Hulk is that I don't remember nothing from that movie and I don't want to remember. What leaves us with Mark Ruffalo. Mark Ruffalo was probably the dullest of the three although he had a very strong competition from Edward Norton. In this movie the Hulk was missing star power because the guy who played him ... let’s admit it ... not a real star. The only thing i liked about Hulk in this movie was him beating the crap out of Loki at the final fight scene (that was awesome).


The two things that bothered me about Hawkeye (like I mentioned before) is that half of the movie he was doing bunch boring stuff for Loki and the other thing was that he was so easily cured from Loki's hypnotization. Let’s hit him in the head real hard - come on that was just weak. In my opinion that was just lazy writing, whoever wrote that should have been fired and whoever approved that should never work in movies ever again. The audience waited for this movie so long and you pull something like that. Why would you do that?
The 2nd part (after Hawkeye was hit in the head real hard) of the movie for Hawkeye was OK I liked his performance.

Natasha Romanoff

Blacks Widow’s opening scene in the movie was a bit over the top, which was just too much. After that her appearance was nothing special and that is why I don’t have nothing else to say about her.


I have to say that the Thor movie that was released a year ago was very weak. That entire movie was dumb, slow and most of the times boring.
We get Thor coming from nowhere for a very lame reason and the only interesting scenes that included Thor were when he was making acquaintances with Iron Man and in the last fight scene when he got punched by Hulk for no clear reason at all (it made me smile).
In The Avengers i still carry with me the bad impression i got from the 2011 Thor movie and that is why I'm so negative towards him in The Avengers. In this movie Thor looked a lot better than he looked in 2011 but first impression is still hard to ignore.

Captain America

The Avengers Captain America
I think it was said a lot but I will have to admit that the suite they gave Captain America in this movie made him look gay.  They pretty much ruined him in this movie. And that sucks because I like Captain America. 
The entire interaction between Captain America and the other Avengers made Captain America look bad, i know that the point of all that was making him look out of place (him sleeping 60 years in the ice and all) but it didn't turn well. It could be easily seen in the dialogs between Him and Iron Man. That's not good considering Captain America should have been the leader of the Avengers.

Iron Man

The Avengers Iron man

This is the only Avenger that got out from this movie looking as good as before entering in. no flaws from Iron Man in the Avengers. Can’t wait for Iron Man 3.

The Avengers Summery 

The Avengers Logo
Overall the movie was OK, if you have two hours to kill. Lay back, relax and let your brain go to sleep. Watch your favorite Avengers destroy the planet. The only thing that did save this movie from being bad was the last fight scene. The last fight was long and was worth waiting two hours, it was a lot of fun.
I only hope that they will work on the stuff that didn't work here and make the next film better.

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  1. Pésimo comentarios los de este tipo, al parecer vio una película en un mundo paralelo. Thor es tan malo como en la primera película; Iron Man es un chistoso - pretencioso pésimo rayando en lo absurdo(y no lo mejor de esta película); Hawkeye en ningún momento figuro y valió la pena, etc, etc, etc. En general, los Vengadores es una película para ninos y no una película para los fans de los Comics. Por otro lado, si de irse a reir (con Hulk golpeando a Thor por resentimientos, ?) eso es otra cosa, pero el sentido del Comic quedo perdido.