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3 Categories of Movies

Movie Anyone?
Movie Anyone? (Photo credit: deryckh)

Cool Review Rule has 3 categorize for the films that are released and viewed by our members.

Good Movies – If you watch the film you can easily evaluate whether you enjoyed it or not by checking out for time every 10 minutes. If the time flew and you didn't even notice it means that the film was great and we will recommend it. The time aspect is the easiest aspect we check prior reviewing a film of course there are additional aspects that are considered like: acting, leading actors, special affects, plot and most importantly the fluency of the events in the film. If the reviewed movie has the majority of the mentioned aspects it will get the approval stamp of a cool movie, if not … check out the next few paragraphs.

OK Movies – this sort of films can be tricky to categorize but it’s not hard if you pay attention. OK Movies are films that can’t be called good because after all they have too many flaws. OK Movies have a single annoying issue that hurts the film and leaves you with a sour feeling after watching it. On the other hand you can’t call those movies bad because your overall experience was positive and only few elements in the film really bothered you.

Bad Movies – you know that feeling after you watch a movie and think to yourself? “Why in the blue hell I kept on watching this pile of crap? And didn't quit after 10 minutes into it”. Then you regret the entire evening for wasting an hour and a half of you time. You wanted to relax and watch something cool, to enjoy your free time but instead you got a film with a bad story, inexperienced director and horrible actors who shaped this film into a pure waste of space.

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