Transporter The Series Season 1 Review: Canceled and Renewed

Transporter TV series Review

I was very excited when I heard that Transporter the series is going to make its way to the small screen. I liked Jason Statham in the Transporter movies. 
Casting Chris Vance in the role of Frank Martin as the transporter was actually a great pick. It was very hard to go wrong with this project but as you will read in this Transporter TV series review - shit went wrong.

Let’s start with the Transporter series positives

  1. There were plenty of car chases and they were done surprisingly very well, that is understandable considering that every episode cost 4 million dollars.
  2. The choreography of the fight scenes in the series was uniquely choreographed similar to the Transporter movies. So no complaints there.
  3. The visual scenery showcased the beauty that France had to offer (Nice in particular) but not only France, the show was spread to different parts of Europe (some Canada as well) and we were exposed to the unforgettable landscapes that Europe has to offer.
  4. François Berléand returned to the role of Inspector Tarconi for the Transporter series and gave the show a slight rub that connected the TV show to the movies. I’m not saying that François Berléand gave a great performance (he didn’t give us nothing special in the Transporter movies neither) or that his Inspector Tarconi character was really needed in the show but it was a nice surprise seeing him in the show as well.
Frank Martin's Black Audi A4

Now to the bad stuff the Transporter series had to offer

  1. Transporter's supporting cast was one of the poorest that were seen on TV. Maybe it was because most of them did not speak English fluently or maybe they were just bad actors either way the cast and most of the guest actors that appeared in the 12 episodes of the show were a background noise that generated a constant disturbance to my eyes and ears.
  2. At the first few episodes there was this small custom. The series had random actress's take off their top. I don't have a problem with that but use your common sense, you need to give a reason for the girl to take her clothes off. What we had in Transporter the TV version, were random flirts between the naked actresses and the camera. It came to the point that it was just ridiculously funny to follow the episodes and see how lame the excuses got in order to undress women by the production.
  3. Whoever wrote the scripts for the show needs to change a line of work as soon as possible, so no one else will have to endure his fiascoes in the future.

Transporter TV series summery 

Chris Vance entered the big shoes of Jason Statham on the small screen and he managed to make Transporter the series watchable half of the time, without him I probably would have stopped watching after the second episode. Even with Chris Vance I had strong doubts, about stopping from the mid season. After the first 6 episodes of this first season it became even worse and i was watching just to see The Transporter end. The Transporter TV series was one dimensional, it had no depth, everything was obvious in a bad way. I got the feeling that the blank dialogs and the small unfunny jokes were made for brain dead viewers. I’m not surprised that the Transporter series was cancelled after only 12 episodes ,half than it was originally ordered (Update: Transporter The Series was picked up by TNT in 2014). This show had a lot of potential, unfortunately the plot and the acting from everyone except Chris Vance ruined it. The Transporter TV Show is not a cool TV show and that frustrates me. 
The action and the car chases were great. Was it so hard to get a decent script with an average acting cast? It’s not that they lacked the cash.

Rating: 1.5

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  1. Nice review! So far I only watched the first episode, haven't gotten around to any more. I agree, it had a couple things going for it, but something was missing. Something to make it great. Shame.
    However, I do have a question; you watched all episodes right? Which is the best one in your opinion? What episode has the most, and/or coolest fight-scenes? (I love the Transporter-style fighting)

  2. Hi Finfrosk,
    Thanks for the feedback, i really appreciate it.

    i watched the show a while back (i don't remember all the small details) and like you read my overall opinion about the show is slightly negative, although i loved everything about the Transporter.
    The episodes i enjoyed the most are the first 4 after that the show started to drag to all kinds of ridicules and slightly boring directions and i lost interest. The last episode was interesting as well.

    There are only 12 episodes so if you are a die hard fan of Transporter check them all out.

    If you are interested there are rumors that there is a chance that the show might be renewed for a 2nd season by Cinemax but again its a rumor so everything is possible

  3. Good review, to the point. I just watched the first episode and almost had to throw up. I have rarely seen such a bad plot, bad actors and most of all bad directing and really, really bad editing. Watching it felt like watching a high school students first attempt at making an action tv series. Whoever was behind this series - behind the camera, the directors chair, the writers desk and the editing room - should please find a new line of work.

  4. Thanks Peter
    Lucky you, you watched only one episode i saw the entire season wishing it will improve as the episodes air.
    Cinemax were smart canceling this project but wait the funny thing is that TNT picked the show for a 2nd season. I don’t really know who are the decision makers in TNT but at the end of 2014 the joke will be on their expense when season 2 of this ... I can’t even call it a TV show ... when this armature project will air.

  5. Hello everybody, here in Italy we had Transporter The Series too and I could not stand it, compared to the movies.
    Even if in the third movie most of the chasing scenes had been accelerated during post-production, it was much better than any of the episodes of the series.
    Fighting scenes are too much choreographic, clearly poor of efficiency (sorry for my bad English).
    Furthermore, he is driving a TDI Audi, not a S or a RS like it should be or like he was in the second and third movie!!