Cool TV Shows

3 Categories for TV Shows

Cool Review Rule has 3 categorize for the TV Shows that are released, viewed and reviewed by our members.

Good TV Shows – If you watch a TV Show you can easily evaluate whether you enjoyed it or not. If a TV show wants to be considered as Good in Cool Reviews Standards it needs to have:
  1. Decent acting cast – we are not saying every participant needs to be an Oscar winner or a made name. The Actors need to be Average + in their performance.
  2. Special Affects - The special affects need to look somehow believable and not look like a 5 year old doodled it in Photoshop. We know that there are limitations if we are talking about TV. TV Shows don’t get the budgets of blockbuster movies but in order to sustain some sort level the Special affects need to look somehow professional as the means of TV Networks allow them to be, and not look insulting for the views like some shows tend to be.
  3. Plot + Flow - for a show to be considered as watchable, The Show needs to have a good plot and natural flow of events. It has to look logical, interesting and will make you get hooked to watch the next episode by providing a great cliff hanger at the end. 
If a show has most of the aspects that were described above it is considered a good TV Show that Cool Reviews Rule will recommend to check out.

The time aspect is the easiest aspect we check prior reviewing a show, of course there are additional aspects that are considered like: acting, leading actors, special affects, plot and most importantly the fluency of the events in the show. If the reviewed movie has the majority of the mentioned aspects it will get the approval stamp of a cool TV Show, if not … check out the next few paragraphs.

OK TV Shows – This sort of TV shows are harder to spot because most of the times TV shows that categorized as only OK TV shows are the ones that used to be Good TV Shows. With time those Good TV Shows lost its
  1. Leading Actors
  2. Writers
  3. Stopped being as creative with its plot
Most of the times the reason for a Good Show becoming only an OK TV Show is because reason # 3. The material is getting old and there are no new ideas that are delivered to the screen. The next step for an OK TV Show like that is:
  1. Continue running in its OK quality a year or two
  2. Get canceled 
  3. Transform into a Bad TV Show
Bad TV Shows – the easiest explanation to what is a Bad TV Show is taking another glance on the Good TV Shows and imagine the complete opposite. A shorter version of it all can be seen from the first episode. If it looks bad, not interesting, and completely stupid that makes the time stand still (in a bad way). You will know it’s bad, really bad. Generally we encounter this sort of shows when we see a familiar actor that takes part in this doomed project that we knew is not going to last long or a concept that looked interesting on paper but flopped on the small screen. With all those defects we still want to check it out because of the celebrity we recognize or the cool concept (that wasn’t that cool in the end).
If the Show is really bad – atrocious we stop watching after 2-3 episodes. If the show is only bad there might be a chance that we will watch it to the end of the season just to see it end.
Like we all know Bad TV Shows have a very short life expectancy. They either get canceled after:
  1. 4-8 episodes
  2. 1 season
  3. There are horrible shows that run 1-2 seasons but they have a strong backing from the studious that blindly believe in the bad product. Mostly because of the sheep following the Bad Show has from a brain dead audience.
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