Kick Ass 2 Review: Hit-Girl Didnt Hit Much

The Castration of Hit Girl

I had very high expectations from kick ass 2. I remember seeing the first kick ass movie in 2010 and it was the coolest thing i saw that year. Few aspects made that movie awesome: hit girl, big daddy, a brutal new kind of humor and maybe the unconventional pack of heroes we got to meet. The movie practically mocked the entire casual society without holding anything back.
aaron taylor-johnson as kick ass
Kick Ass quotes:
I cant fly but i can kick your ass

We knew that Big Daddy was killed in the first Kick Ass movie and this Nicholas Cage character was one of the movies biggest successes. In order for the sequel to have a similar potential for success the writers needed to bring in Jim Carrey to play the crazy Colonel Stars and Stripes character and relive back his acting career on the way. I have to admit that kick ass 2 creators managed to pull the rabbit out with Jim Carrey,   Colonel Stars and Stripes did a great job replacing Big Daddy in his own sick way. Jim Carrey brought his A game and had some killer scenes, the problem was that he got very little screen time and was pulled out very early from the movie.

Another problem with this kick ass 2 was Hit Girl. Mindy Macready / Hit-Girl character (Chloë Grace Moretz) had a decent scene in the beginning and a couple of cool scenes in the end but other than that she didn't do much, at least not much that was worth watching. Picking on a bunch of cheerleaders and discovering how sucks it is to be a teenager doesn’t cut it, at least that’s not what I wanted to see from Hit Girl.
It felt like the Hit Girl character was completely watered down in this Kick Ass sequel. The director wanted to make Hit Girl look like a normal girl, unfortunately nobody else wanted to see that. I don’t know what the hell did the writers think to themselves? They probably wrote a scene for Gossip Girl or some other crap show and sent it to the wrong address. This failing and unimportant discovery of Hit Girls inner feelings ... failed. Not only it failed catastrophically, it pretty much killed the entire Kick Ass 2 movie. It was one of the main reasons why Kick Ass 2 didn't achieve the high standard that the original Kick Ass from 2010 put in place.
red mist from kick-ass
Christopher Mintz-Plasse as
Red Mist in Kick Ass  

The fans who liked the original Kick Ass wanted to see that same little girl from 2010. The fans wanted to see the real unrestrained Hit Girl with her sharp tongue and deadly martial arts skills, kick the crap out of ... it didn’t matter who ... everyone would be OK. Instead they got a fully grown individual trapped in a 12 year old's girl body getting grounded all the time, drooling over gay looking boy band members and going to slumber parties with shallow cheerleaders. Hit Girl was castrated by Kick Ass 2 writers who were busy injecting 90210 issues that nobody cared about into the main Kick Ass 2 plot.
We wanted to see the little girl from 2010 Kick Ass and wipe the floor (physically and mentally) with fully grown criminals in various sadistic ways, when we didn’t get it, the disappointment was tremendous.

I will give Kick Ass 2 the credit of continuing being creative and going against the main stream flow with their jokes (by bashing Stan Lee). The Colonel Stars and Stripes was entertaining to a point but the most important character was terribly misused. Kick Ass 2 is a cool movie but if you saw the first one you will be slightly disappointed with its sequel. if you have not you will manage to enjoy this different sort of a comics genre.

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  1. It is
    Dont tell me you didn't see the first one.

  2. Good review Sasha. It wasn't as good as the first, but still had its fun moments.

  3. No, I thought it was supposed to be a crazy stunt film like Jackass or something. I might have to see the first one.

  4. It doesnt have to do nothing with Jackass.
    You should watch it, its a lot of crazy fun

  5. Thanks Dan
    Kick Ass 2 wasnt great but it was still fun

  6. I belong to the last generation of the baby boomers & am maybe as old as your father! lol It's not my cup of java. Depends on if it's geared to amuse only your generation & not everyone else. We'll see, I'll look at a trailer later in my evening. You're about 8-9 hours ahead of me.

  7. I might indeed watch it, even though it's focused exclusively on entertaining a younger audience. Depends on the quality.
    I also am an Japanese Anime' fan. Though a goodly portion of that is geared towards children, the best of it all is like a moving piece of art. Myazaki, from Studio Ghibli is my favorite with that genre.

  8. i used to like Japanese Anime as well just in recent years i didn't had the opportunity to watch it.