15 December 2014

Marco Polo Premiere Review: What is this Show About?

Netflix decided that they want to challenge HBO’s Game of Thrones with a series of their own – Marco Polo. From its first trailer the series looked interesting because of the ambitious budget that Netflix invested in the show, the landscape, photography and outfits all looked great but what about the story and the characters? That we could evaluate only when the pilot aired.

13 December 2014

Why the Arrow is Great + Mid Season 3 Finale Thoughts

Ever since the Arrow aired on CW (about 2+ years ago) the show became one of those shows that I never miss. not only that but currently it is in my top 2, I know that it’s not really a big compliment basing on the horrible state of TV at least at this time of the year but still it’s something.

The arrow has a great formula which worked for the show so far. Oliver Queen has a blank spot of 5 years which is revealed to the audience in very small dosages. Those small dosages make all the fans of the show come back just to see what else lays in the dark past of Oliver Queen. In addition to the great mystery of the past the show has a lot of characters that support the arrow himself. Although there are plenty of cheesy moments attached to them, they have a great story to tell because each of them is interesting enough to watch and see where they develop next. The great thing you can do with a lot of good characters is acknowledge that there are too many of them and you can’t use them all as much as you can. We saw that happening with Laurel Lance who was put on a slow burner last season and we see the same thing with Thea and Roy this season. The beauty of it is that this goes in a rotation mode and the characters come back to shine in the future (next season or 2nd part of the current season) as they did before.
arrow oliver Queen roy thea digg felicity deathstroke laurel
The Arrow cast

07 December 2014

The Walking Dead Mid Season 5 Review - Whats Next ?

If you are following Cool Reviews Rule for a while you probably already know that the Walking Dead is one of our beloved shows at this time. In our previous reviews of the past seasons there was nothing negative that could be said about the show. It seemed that no matter what TWD creators did turn to gold. But last season there was a change to the worse, the second part of season 4 was slow, weak and had a strange but still solid finale. This season opened up with one of the strongest episodes the show has ever had but just like we had at the 2nd part of season 4 we had the same slowdown towards the mid season 5 finale.
amc the walking dead Eugene

01 December 2014

The November Man Review - Brosnan is 007 Again

In The November Man we saw Pierce Brosnan return to the spook role he used to do so well in the James Bond series of films. This was no James Bond but at times it did feel like it only without the detached from reality gadgets. In my mind this was actually a good thing that managed to ground the film to reality in different to the bond films.
Brosnan himself managed to handle himself well in a role he had so much practice. The old age didn't affect and didn't hurt Brosnan, actually Mason's (Luke Bracey) constant jokes on the expense of pierce only contributed to the film and gave the audience slight comical brakes in a film that comedy was not its cup of tea.
Video: The November Man Pierce Brosnan is back in action
The relationship / conflict between Devereaux the old guard and Mason the new guard was presented to us throughout the entire film. The cat and mouse chase between the two individuals was one of the better parts of the film. The political issue with the Russians, CIA and Mira Filipova was always in the background but lucky for us the background was the only place. At times it felt like Mira's background was a nice excuse for all the sides involved to go at each other to see who stays standing.
The November Man DVD
In the last few years Olga Kurylenko (Alice in The November Man) managed to secure a lot of interesting roles for herself and it seems that she is always busy. In our Oblivion Review I criticized the actress for being average and couldn't understand why is she so successful. Now after watching The November Man (and few other films with her) Olga is pretty good at all those damsel in distress roles (although I liked her a lot in Centurion as well) and according to her last casting choices she decided to specialize in those roles and now thinking about it, I like watching Olga Kurylenko on the big screen doing what she is good at (looking pretty, and run for cover). The change didn't come because there was a change that Olga made in her performance I guess she grew on me.

29 November 2014

Gotham Mid Season Review

Fox's Gotham Thoughts

Like I mentioned in my Currant TV shows evaluation review, Gotham shined above all with its disappointment. Fox's new flagship show somehow failed to deliver the wanted result. The huge hype Gotham got prior to its air date and the excellent cast (on paper) made us believe that Gotham can be something great. In reality it wasn't the case, in its first 10 episodes the show didn't manage to be more than mediocre (except maybe once I think the episode was Penguin's Umbrella). The plot was weak and didn't really make me think that I need to watch this show, it was more of keeping up with an old habit. For a show that was supposed to present us a dark and violent city of Gotham prior to Batman’s appearance it was way too soft. Probably because it was marketed to small children, but not only that the show didn’t present the city as a dangerous place, it wasn’t graphic. Gotham looked like a normal metropolitan with nothing special about it.
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18 November 2014

The Princess and the Queen Review

Dangerous Women: The Blacks and The Greens Review

The Princess and the Queen or The Blacks and The Greens follow the fallout of the events from The Rogues or The Rogue Prince and his Brother (prior reading this review you should check out The Rogues and than our review of The Rogue Prince).

King Viserys’s death sparks the battle for the throne between Viserys’s second wife Quinn Alicent Hightower and her father the hand of the king Otto Hightower Who wanted to crown Queen Alicent’s first born Aegon the 2nd . And Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen The first born daughter of the late king Viserys and her husband / uncle Daemon Targaryen.
daemon targaryen and his dragon Caraxes
Targaryen Dragon Rider

04 November 2014

22 Jump Street: Awkwardness, Silly and Mostly Funny

22 Jump Street Review

22 Jump Street Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill
22 Jump Street
I postponed watching 22 Jump Street because I was somehow disappointed from the concept that was introduced in 21 Jump Street compared to the original TV series of the late 80s and early 90s. Don't get me wrong 21 Jump Street from 2012 was a fun comedy but it was not what the fans of the TV show expected. 22 Jump Street was completely the same as the first film as it was overly mentioned in the film itself. Our two heroes go undercover this time to college in order to bring down the dealer and the supplier of new drug that's called wighfy. In my opinion 22 Jump Street surpassed the original film in comedy, awkwardness and mostly stupidity. 
Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill 22 Jump Street
22 Jump Street Poster
If it was any other movie having those last two elements in their repertuar that movie would fail horribly. But 22 Jump Street didn’t take itself seriously (like you may see from 22 Jump Street Trailer here) actually it was a complete opposite. 22 Jump Street is the most aware of itself that you cannot go farther than that, the post credit scene of the film was priceless when the creators of the film made one of the funniest scenes on the big screen. And that is the reason why 22 Jump Street worked so well. Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill do a great job portraying the silly duo, presenting us with endless comical sequences, men bonding and horrible police work. 
The funniest segment that the film presented was the moment Ice Cube discovered that Hill was screwing his daughter. Ice Cube reaction was epic, Hill did his part and Tatum nailed it at the end in the Police station with the fallout of the event. Although I had my doubts about the film in the beginning, I have to say that 22 Jump Street is a great comedy with silly humor, its surreal, fun and most of all aware of itself. You shouldn't miss it.

22 Jump Street
Rating: 4 / 5 stars

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22 Jump Street 

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photo credit: theglobalpanorama via photopin cc
photo credit: theglobalpanorama via photopin cc