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18 November 2014

The Princess and the Queen Review

Dangerous Women: The Blacks and The Greens Review

The Princess and the Queen or The Blacks and The Greens follow the fallout of the events from The Rogues or The Rogue Prince and his Brother (prior reading this review you should check out The Rogues and than our review of The Rogue Prince).

King Viserys’s death sparks the battle for the throne between Viserys’s second wife Quinn Alicent Hightower and her father the hand of the king Otto Hightower Who wanted to crown Queen Alicent’s first born Aegon the 2nd . And Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen The first born daughter of the late king Viserys and her husband / uncle Daemon Targaryen.
daemon targaryen and his dragon Caraxes
Targaryen Dragon Rider

04 November 2014

22 Jump Street: Awkwardness, Silly and Mostly Funny

22 Jump Street Review

22 Jump Street Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill
22 Jump Street
I postponed watching 22 Jump Street because I was somehow disappointed from the concept that was introduced in 21 Jump Street compared to the original TV series of the late 80s and early 90s. Don't get me wrong 21 Jump Street from 2012 was a fun comedy but it was not what the fans of the TV show expected. 22 Jump Street was completely the same as the first film as it was overly mentioned in the film itself. Our two heroes go undercover this time to college in order to bring down the dealer and the supplier of new drug that's called wighfy. In my opinion 22 Jump Street surpassed the original film in comedy, awkwardness and mostly stupidity. 
Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill 22 Jump Street
22 Jump Street Poster
If it was any other movie having those last two elements in their repertuar that movie would fail horribly. But 22 Jump Street didn’t take itself seriously (like you may see from 22 Jump Street Trailer here) actually it was a complete opposite. 22 Jump Street is the most aware of itself that you cannot go farther than that, the post credit scene of the film was priceless when the creators of the film made one of the funniest scenes on the big screen. And that is the reason why 22 Jump Street worked so well. Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill do a great job portraying the silly duo, presenting us with endless comical sequences, men bonding and horrible police work. 
The funniest segment that the film presented was the moment Ice Cube discovered that Hill was screwing his daughter. Ice Cube reaction was epic, Hill did his part and Tatum nailed it at the end in the Police station with the fallout of the event. Although I had my doubts about the film in the beginning, I have to say that 22 Jump Street is a great comedy with silly humor, its surreal, fun and most of all aware of itself. You shouldn't miss it.

22 Jump Street
Rating: 4 / 5 stars

22 Jump Street DVD from Amazon

22 Jump Street 

  22 Jump Street Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum Blu ray 21 Jump Street Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum blu ray 21 Jump Street series dvd set

photo credit: theglobalpanorama via photopin cc
photo credit: theglobalpanorama via photopin cc

25 October 2014

Current TV Shows Evaluation

For some reason the current TV season looks bad, and I'm not even talking about quality because we almost never had quality on TV at this time of year. The problem in TV today that it seems boring, overhyped and simply difficult to stay still and find a decent couple of shows to pass more than 2 hours in a week.
Let’s go a bit deeper and check out what exactly we got on our watch list in order to diagnose each and every show.

Agents of Shield

Like you all remember I was not a fan of Agents of Shield’s first season. The show got a bit better towards the end but still to this day I struggle to understand how it get renewed for season 2. Season 2 introduced a few new faces and seemed to be improving from being simply bad in season 1 to somehow watchable in season 2. All that changed when I saw episode 5 which introduced the Mockingbird (Adrianne Palicki). Palicki brought a presence of something big to the show, similar to what Jaime Alexander brought in one of the episodes in season 1. From now on Agents of Shield look pretty promising out of a sudden (when I say promising I mean the show is OK- watchable, don’t mistake it for being good at least at this point in time).


DC Comics Logo

22 October 2014

Why Need for Speed Crashed and Burned

Need for Speed Review

Need for Speed was directed by Scott Waugh, Waugh got to use Aaron Paul, Dominic Cooper, Imogen Poots, Rami Malek and Michael Keaton. Waugh who didn’t do anything in the last 9 years was rusty at best. The film had no director’s signature or any direction for that matter. The cast doesn’t get out from it clean either, Aaron Paul was a big shot in Breaking Bed but this Vin Diesel part was way over his head. Imogen Poots had a few funny segments but nothing more than that. Michael Keaton was in this film as well unfortunately until this point I fail to understand what was his purpose in it? Or why did he agree to appear in it.

Before watching this film as a former gamer who used to burn way too many hours playing the older versions of the Need for Speed game, I was wondering how this film can really work? I came to the conclusion that flashy cars, police chases and street races are a must that the film makers automatically bring to the film. But all those elements won't make the film remember able or any good. The Need for Speed games never had a lead character that the gamers connected to. So the film makers had a lot of maneuvering in character and the films plot. There was nothing holding back Need for Speed in a sense of the plot and its lead characters. The question was what direction EA and DreamWorks will go for making the film a success and a contra to the successful franchise like the Fast and the Furious.
need for speed wallpaper featuring hot girls
Need for Speed Game

08 October 2014

The Strain Season 1 - Great Idea Bad Execution

The Strain Season 1 Review

As a fan of the vampire genre there was no way I was going to miss on Guillermo Del Toro's The Strain. After the abortion that the vampire fans suffered from the Twilight saga in the past and currently have to endure from the Vampire Diaries. The Strain presented itself as a show that was going in the right direction. The Strain massively advertised itself as a show that will finally make the vampires scary again. After watching the entire first season of the show The Strain’s vampires look a lot scary compared to what we got used from seeing in the last few years but what about everything else that the show had to offer?

03 October 2014

Transformers Age of Extinction an Epic Fail

Transformers Age of Extinction Review

Transformers directed by Michael bay with a completely new human cast of actors that included Mark Wahlberg, Nicola Peltz, Stanley Tucci, Kelsey Grammer and T.J. Miller. Was an interesting idea, using the fresh cast trying to implement the same old concept from the previous films. Unfortunately it had zero affect because after all the humans were never the real stars of the transformers franchise.
transformers 4 logo
Transformer logo
Transformers Started with a solid exposition introducing all the new human characters and the new world order where a black ops division of the CIA led by Kelsey Grammer made it their mission to destroy all Autobots, to protect the human race. That's fine but after half an hour everything started falling apart. Kelsey Grammer was using some new transformer to kill all the Autobots, say what? Didn't he want get rid of them all? if we ignore that and swallow in the team up between Kelsey Grammer and the new transformer the movie was actually fluent and fun just until Michael bay decided to kill off Lucas (T.J. Miller). With Miller in the mix the film was not really taking itself seriously and it was actually fun. The moment he died you would think to yourself: "what just happened" worrying not only about the fun that Miller brought to the film but trying to figure out how could his death help the entire plot of the film to develop. I will share a secret with you all, Miller's death didn't do anything, it made the film a lot harder to watch.
new optimus prime
Optimus Prime

26 September 2014

Syfy's Z Nation Vs. AMC's The Walking Dead

Syfy’s Z Nation was supposed to be The Walking Dead's cheaper version. In reality what we got was a series that is light-years behind the original TWD in every single parameter that the shows can be compared in. It seems that Syfy managed to copy the zombies perfectly but that was the only thing Syfy managed to do right.
When people ask why is The Walking Dead is so successful?