18 April 2014

47 Ronin Review

The first time I heard about the 47 Ronin project I was really excited. Keanu Reeves was back to the big screen. Not only that it was a samurai movie, who wouldn't like a samurai movies? But it was with Keanu Reeves and Hiroyuki Sanada, what else would we need. 
47 ronin swords
Samurai Swords

13 April 2014

The Legend of Hercules Review

Prior to watching this film I had a very low set of expectations from this Hercules movie. It seemed like who ever decided to create The Legend of Hercules decided to capitalize on the really big film featuring the rock in a similar project. In addition to that the film seemed to be lacking its own individuality, if you paid attention to the film and didn’t give up on it you could find some similar elements to the Gladiator, the 300 and Spartacus TV series. A movie is allowed to have similarities to other films but in this case The Legend of Hercules was singularly constructed from parts other films described above. Each part was taken from a different movie without being glued in the end. It seemed like one big mess of copycat scenes which purpose was to be the copy and not differentiate it from the others, bringing nothing new to the table.

Like you figured out already, this film could be a lot better. The screenplay, story, dialogs were pretty bad; the excessive slow motions scenes were not needed. It only caught Lutz in different mid air scenarios making silly faces. It all seemed to be there as if they were forced and their purpose was to give the audience a break from the action. With all the bad things about the film the action sequences, photography and the visual scenery looked pretty good. Unfortunately that is not enough for The Legend of Hercules to become a watchable movie. The plot and the story are crucial in every film; The Legend of Hercules just didn’t have that. When you watch a film and think to yourself "that just doesn’t make any sense" or you see through a lot of events in the film that force another situation just to bring the hero to his current position. It just doesn’t look good and the film becomes from being simply bad to one big joke. if we are talking about bad jokes, I could have let go a lot of bad dialogs, plot holes and all of the mistakes that been made by the director, writers and the entire production but the scene with the lightning towards the end, the one where Hercules cleans house from King Amphitryon. This couldn’t be ignored, until that point in the film The Legend of Hercules seemed to be a regular Greek stile film without any special events, and then out of a sudden you make this Zeus lightning sword that cleans house. Just when our heroes find themselves in a pickle? This was just bad, who ever came up with that idea should not work in this industry any more. Don’t get me wrong if we would have seen Greek gods who use their powers, or someone use his special/unnatural skills from the get go I think that I would be ok with the lightning clean house scene. But we didn’t have that during the film, it seemed that towards the end of the movie Hercules pulled that thing out of his ass.

The final fight scene between Hercules and King Amphitryon looked like one of the better things about the film. King Amphitryon practically wiped the floor with Hercules. But towards the end out of the nowhere Hercules pulls one move to get the best out of King Amphitryon and stubs him with his mother’s dagger?!?! Even if I tried, i wouldn’t be able to come up with a lamer finale to this mighty battle. 

Unfortunately there are professionals that think about things like that and then we get this sort of a finale. I don’t understand who choreographed the last fighting scene but it would be a lot logical to make the fight balanced. And if not, on one side you got your hero who is half god. On the other you got a crazy but really great killer king. You would think that the semi god will have an advantage here. I guess you are wrong because that’s not what we saw.

The acting of most participants was surprisingly decent. I haven’t seen Kellan Lutz a lot but the guy seems like having a potential. Unfortunately the casting of the important character was not great. The Iphicles character looked bad, so was King Amphitryon. Scott Adkins is great at what he generally does (Martial Arts) but in The Legend of Hercules he was horribly misused and wasn’t given the right platform to showcase his abilities. The two scenes in the beginning and the end of the film gave us a small glimpse to what Adkins is really capable off (and that was without using his legs). Most of the film Adkins shouted and acted like a raging lunatic without any logical reason.

This movie cannot be recommended unless you are a diehard Scott Adkins fan and even than its hard to recommend the film because Adkins is barely there.So the choice is yours, take it or leave it.

The Legend of Hercules DVD

Legend of Hercules [Blu-ray]

10 April 2014

Banshee Season 2 Review

This second season of Banshee returned without any hype or any extensive advertisement. I don't know if that was the intention of Cinemax or was it because of the relatively small size of the network itself. Either way it didn't really matter because Banshee in its first season managed to catch the eyes of the viewers, the people who got addicted to the first season were coming back for season 2 no question asked.
English: This is the logo of the television ch...
English: This is the logo of the television channel Cinemax. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Banshee s second season was not as bloody and brutal as season one, sure there were plenty of physical confrontations, but they were not as shocking as much. The sex volume remained pretty much the same and it was a pleasure to follow the faiths of Hood ,Anna , Proctor and the rest of the fresh characters we got introduced during season 1.

08 April 2014

Game of Thrones Season 4 Premiere Review

After a long wait, Game of thrones returned with its most anticipated 4th season to HBO. Most of the important character appeared in this premier episode. The episode opened up with Tywin Lannister melting a huge Valerian Steel Sword, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out who was the previous owner of that sword. I guess it’s another blow to a certain big house in the realm. 
game of thrones season 4 house stark logo
Winter is coming

04 April 2014

BBC's The Musketeers Season 1 Review

One of the most interesting shows we got to see this winter was BBC’s The Musketeers. There are few people that don't know about Alexander Dumas legendary tale of the 3 musketeers and even fewer that don't like the story. After the horrible movie we got to see a few years ago (The Three Musketeers 2011) I didn't think that somebody is going to touch the franchise for a while. I guess BBC doesn't really care about the past, the idea was pitched to them and they went for it.
English: The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas
English: The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas (illustration of the Appleton edition). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

30 March 2014

Black Sails Season 1 Review

I really wanted to like black sails after all this was the show that got Spartacus's spot. You have to admire the effort that a small network like Starz is putting in to creating their shows.
Starz black sails with Toby Stephens as captain flint, Hannah New and Luke Arnold
Black Sails
I have to say that everything that has to do with the background scenery looked fantastic it gave you a paradise island feeling, only with vicious filthy pirates.

17 March 2014

Agents of SHIELD S01e15 Review

 Agents of SHIELD Episode 15 - Lady Sif

If you remember from my previous posts regarding Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD I never considered this ABC show as a show that deserved all the hype that surrounded it. Agents of SHIELD is an average at best and even that is an understatement. Until this point Coulson and Melinda May were the only characters in the show that managed to generate some sort of excitement out of the show’s viewers. 
Lady Sif  Marvel comics
Sif (comics) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

15 March 2014

I, Frankenstein Review: The New Underworld

 I, Frankenstein Vs. Underworld

From a first glance on I, Frankenstein you would think to yourselves this looks very familiar. Who ever saw the Underworld movies will see it immediately the resemblance cannot be overlooked. And I’m not only talking about Bill Nighy and Kevin Grevioux who took part in I, Frankenstein and the Underworld movies. Even without both Nighy and Grevioux the resemblance to underworld is there, the dark gothic east European environment makes the I, Frankenstein film look exactly like Underworld, only with different main players. 
English: Aaron Eckhart at the 2010 Comic Con
English: Aaron Eckhart at the 2010 Comic Con in San Diego (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The creators of I, Frankenstein used the same concept that was used in the Underworld movies. Replace the Vampires and the Lycans (Werewolves) with Gargoyles and Daemons. While in between those two forces you put someone or something that doesn’t fit neither side but can work with both.