16 September 2014

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Review

Few critics are fond of Michael Bay, whose Platinum Dunes company produced this sour reboot, but I want to make it clear, for the benefit of my readers, that I consider myself, with some reservations, a Michael Bay fan. I would concede that in many respects he's lacking as a filmmaker - his stories are incomprehensible, his movies are always half an hour too long, and his weakness for sentimentality, especially in the case of films like Armageddon and Pearl Harbour, is egregious. However, if you hold up the likes of Pain & Gain, The Island and Transformers against their leading competitors - by-the-numbers blockbusters like Thor and The Amazing Spider-Man - his films are, comparatively speaking, very interesting. They disorient the viewer with their obfuscating use of quick cuts and unusual angles, and are almost entirely comprised of shots which are beautiful in themselves, but together leave you unsure of where you are and what you're meant to be paying attention to, like sentences in a Thomas Pynchon novel. 
TNMT 2014

08 September 2014

Lucy Movie Review

When the press materials first came out, if there was anything to be said about the new film by Luc Besson (Leon, The Fifth Element, The Transporter, Taken), it's that it was too similar to 2011's Limitless, but the difference here, as it turns out, is that it pushes the concept further, in the realms of superheroism. While transporting a designer drug, Lucy (Scarlett Johansson) accidentally takes in a large quantity of it, lending her the ability to access more than 10% of her brain. Something which I didn't know going in - the percentage she can access actually increases as the film goes on, until it finally reaches 100%.
Scarlett Johansson is Lucy

06 September 2014

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review

After allot of positive feedbacks for the film I finally found the time and sat down in anticipation of watching Captain America the Winter Soldier. Like we all remember the first Captain America from 2011 was not any good and from that disaster you could only get better, and that was exactly what we got from The Winter Soldier.

The film started very good with a lot of light funny humor between Steve Rogers and the Natasha Romanoff, continued with great action sequence featuring Captain America The Black Widow and even Brock Rumlow (Frank Grillo) had a great performance, not in that particular scene but through the entire film (that's important, because the man who will eventually becomes Crossbones needs to have a good debut). Unfortunately right after the first massive action scene, the film took a major step back, making me want to go to sleep. This issue where Captain America was struggling with himself and eventually confronting Nick Fury was such a waste of time.  No doubt that the current events in the world influenced the Russo brothers to implement those elements in the film. The freedom of the individual and the constant deception of the high powers making them look like the biggest threat to the free world and its society is so weakly and silly especially today. It makes you wonder, why all those people in the film industry constantly trying to push their ridicules believes to the masses.
Captain America and The Black Widow

31 August 2014

Non-stop Movie Review

In the last few year Liam Neeson was pretty busy establishing himself as an action star in the vacuum that was created after the old guard of movie stars got really old and moved / degraded to doing other stuff. Surprisingly enough Neeson succeeded sweeping into the space that was left empty and he did pretty well for himself especially when some younger guys who tried making the same move failed horribly (Brad Pitt, Will Smith and Jamie Foxx).
Non-Stop - Liam Neeson

25 August 2014

Brick Mansions Movie Review

Coming to watch Brick Mansions I had high expectations, not because of the film itself but because it was Paul Walkers last film he ever shot. From the get go it looked like it was something that was actually worth my while, seeing Lino jump around all over the place showing what he can do. Unfortunately right than something horrible happened, the local Chef aka the self proclaimed gangster RZA showed up. 
Brick Mansions Official Poster

13 August 2014

Divergent Movie Review

I will have to admit, I didn't really want to see Divergent. From the trailer I got a feeling that this is going to be some cheap copy of the Hunger Games molded into freaking Twilight, only without the vampires. Like most readers of this blog remember I really hated Twilight. I guess from this point my expectations were not really high for this film, only after a couple of friends of my asked me if I saw Divergent? My immediate reaction was no, why would I watch it. Divergent just didn’t look appealing enough. But I was in minority and they convinced me to check it out because it was pretty good and those guys rarely like the movies this days. So I had no choice, I needed to see what’s all the fuss was all about.
Tris and Four