Survivor One World Review

Survivor One World Review

Survivor Season 24

Spoilers inside!!!

I have to say that for this season of survivor i had very low expectations. I guess that i got used to too much good stuff. After the seasons with Russell, and even the previous season with Coach, Ozzy and Cochran was very good, it was fun and entertaining. Unfortunately this season they didn't bring back survivors from the past seasons, instead we got a bunch of people who were mostly boring. The only interesting character in Survivor one world was Colton who had to leave the game prematurely, just when it was starting to get interesting. After Coltons departure it was interesting enough to see how the girls play the boys to look like a bunch of dummies (it was hard for me as a guy to see). After getting rid of Mike and Jay, It was great watching Troyzan handling himself going against the entire tribe and doing the impossible by winning the immunity. At the next episode it was nice to see him plant the seeds of doubt in Kat, but it was obvious that the moment he looses the immunity he is going to get a one way ticket home, and that's exactly what happened. 
English: Jeff Probst at the 2009 Primetime Emm...
English: Jeff Probst at the 2009 Primetime Emmy Awards. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After Troy was sent home, my worst fear came to life. The game got even more boring than it was before. The main reason for that is because i didn't have a player to cheer for or a player i wanted to hate (Colton) this season anymore. From this point i was watching just to say that i watched survivor one world.

Let's analyze the players we are left with:
Kim - She is the clear favorite, she pools all the strings but does that in a very boring way.
Chelsea - Chelsea's job is to be Kim's side kick, do what Kim tells her to do (or what they "both decide" to do). That’s pretty much it.
Kat - "I’m just 21" = "I’m retarded”. Although it was slightly entertaining to watch her.
Cristina - She just came to change scenery from her life and went where ever the stream took her. it was an accomplishment for her getting where she got without doing anything to achieve it.
Tarzan - At this point he is a floater just waiting for the higher powers to decide his faith. He tried to play towards the end of his run but it was doomed from the beginning.
Sabrina - Sounds smart and knows how to talk (at least that's what the rest of the girls say about her) but doesn't do much else. This chick is a lot more boring than the rest of them, even more than Cristina.
Alicia - This chick is delusional, loud and she is annoying the crap out of me, it’s not even fun to hear the stupid stuff that comes out of her mouth. My ears hurt when i hear her speak / scream / screech. The moment she appeared on the screen i tried to plug my ears just not to be exposed to the ultrasonic waves of stupidity that would follow.

Survivor season 24 final five

This is probably one of the most boring final five we had in a long time. They can brag as long as they want that it was the first final five that consisted of only women as long as they. The fact is that it was hard to watch.

If you take out the tribal council where Alicia was sent home, a tribal where it could go either way and i really didn't know what's going to happened (It took me by surprise when Kim decided to kick out Alicia, i thought this move is going to cost Kim the million dollars). The rest of it was just plain boring. The next tribal Cristina didn't even try to do anything to get to the final three, it was boring to see. Even the last tribal when the jury had the opportunity to get back at the three chicks who voted them out, they didn't do or say nothing special or memorable.
Mike looked to me like a serious player (at least at the beginning) and i thought he came to play to win after doing an extended study of survivor, than the girls kick him out like a little bitch and he is OK with it. He got nothing bad to say about Kim and Chelsea ... come on man.
And Jay, god they screwed this guy over in such a nasty way, but he is all happy and smiling ??? Can i have another one please ... what a F@g.
I expected Kat to explode on Kim who screwed her over but instead she decided that she is in peace and  bla bla bla ... WTF. You could see in the tribal's that Kat attended as a jury she was furious, and stole the show every tribal but now she decides that everything is forgiven ... screw THAT. That's not what i wanted to see. If some chick screwed you over not only by betraying your trust but she screwed you over getting the opportunity of winning a million dollars ... I wouldn't be in peace.
Even Troy, who you can see that was still hurt didn't explode at the girls as i wanted him to.

Memorable moments from survivor one world

In survivor one world we had the man’s tribe taking part in the dumbest group decision ever made in survivor's history. After winning immunity for the tribe they decided to go to the tribal council instead of the girl’s tribe. That was just ... really stupid. 
While i was watching this, i couldn't believe my eyes. How Colton managed to convince this group of morons to go for that move, it was just inconceivable. 

If you think about it a little, this move just doomed them. Every time when a tribe decides to throw away a challenge (or in this case win a challenge and go to tribal anyway - it even sounds dumb) it always bites them in the ass, this was no different.
I can’t believe that those guys (Mike and Jay) were such cowards that they couldn't stand up against a little gay guy.

One world season summery

  • Dumbest move in History of survivor.
  • Kim had a great game.
  • Colton was entertaining to watch.
  • Troy was fun and kept me intrigued.
  • Kat was ridicules at times.
The bottom line is that I couldn't summarize this season batter than Colton did "After i went out - it got boring"

Next season of survivor

I'm really afraid of what’s going to happen next season. From what we saw at the reunion show they will bring back three players that got injured in the previous seasons, and give them another chance. Colton is probably the only guy with enough charisma and star power that is fit for this position to have the entire season on his shoulders. Because from what i remember all the guys that got hurt and left the game didn't leave a strong impact and were not so important to be called stars of survivor. I don't even know if they will take Colton for this season.
Will see what will happen.

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