ASOIAF - Why I Hate Daenerys Targaryen

ASOIAF - Daenerys Targaryen Rant

To all you feminists, little girls or other kind of Daenerys Targaryen worshipers that stumbled upon this post by some kind of horrible mistake.
I will explain why George RR Martin's Daenerys Targaryen is one of my most hated Game Of Thrones characters on HBO's TV Series particularly and in a Song of Ice and Fire series in general (be aware spoilers inside). Brace yourselves, this is not going to be pretty.

Spoilers inside

Daenerys with white stalion poster from Game of thrones season 1
Game of Thrones Season 1 Daenerys

Now when HBO's season 3 of Game of Thrones is behind us I will address an issue that reimbursed ever since the last scene from season 3 aired, regardless the needless scene and the savior persona that was created for Daenerys the Breaker of Chains. I was wondering about my unexplained hate towards the Daenerys Targaryen character for a very long time. My obvious dislike started surfacing during book 3 of Song of Ice and Fire series "A Storm of Swords". Initially I thought that I hate this character for no explained reason. It's like when you meet a person and you get this uncomfortable vibe from him and the only thing you want to do is avoid him at any cost, well I had the same feeling with Daenerys Targaryen's POV reading chapters.
bloody Daenerys eating raw horse hart
Bloody Daenerys

At the beginning I thought I hated her for the reason I described above but with time my dislike towards Khaleesi grew and transformed to something of unbearable proportions. From the first moment I encountered Daenerys in the first book of ASOIAF "A Game Of Thrones" I was very ambivalent towards her. I didn't care that she was sold to Drogo and it was actually entertaining to see how her detached from reality abusing older brother Viserys treated her, using her as a tool in his chess game. Apart from his boring sister he was actually fun in his own sick way. Unfortunately the Beggar King Viserys Targaryen was taken from us and we were left with the boring Targaryen.
The only time I really enjoyed reading a Daenerys chapter in the books was the house of the undying prophesies in "A Clash of Kings", the rest of her reading chapters were boring at best (A Game of Thrones, A Clash of Kings, A Storm of Swords) and unbearable at worst (A Dance with Dragons).

One of the things that repulse me in the Mother of dragons is the self entitlement for ... Everything. Who died and made you Queen? The fact that you got sold like sheep to a warlord / rapist / butcher / slaver as his personnel sex toy doesn't give you any special privileges. Your old man was a nut that liked to burn and torture people alive; he got exactly what he deserved. With Aerys Targaryen death your claim to Westeros vanished.
Now if we talk about the imaginary Targaryen Family claim to Westeros. I understand that Valeria was destroyed and the Targaryens needed to find somewhere to hang but the Targaryens didn’t had the right to conquer an entire continent from its inhabitants.

Daenerys Targaryen photoshop
Daenerys Day dreaming
We established that her padre Aerys Targaryen was crazy, her brother wasn't nuts but he was not a great thinker either like everybody described him to be. Let’s come from a simple assumption that Rhaegar didn't rape Lyanna Stark but she went with him willingly. I'm sure he knew that kidnapping a high born Stark girl that was betrothed to another wouldn't slide well. Rhaegar Targaryen didn't expect this trick of his to escalate to a full mode rebellion and war.
That only proves that Rhaegar wasn't that smart or special like Daenerys imagines him to be. Daenerys even acknowledges at some point that if Rhaegar haven't kidnapped Lyanna the Targaryens would be still sitting on the iron throne.

Another thing regarding Daenerys, why doesn’t she ever train her dragons? They supposed to follow her commands just like that? All she does is lay around all day and dream about the past. She is still a small annoying and stupid child that has a massive rage attack issues. You could see it every time that something doesn't go her way or when someone tries telling her she is wrong. 

One of her biggest flaws is that she has this ideal image of her nut father Aerys and older delusional brother Rhaegar, which is so mislead from its core. Her persona is build around those ideal men that in fact are so far from the truth. You would have thought that from her experience with Viserys she would get through her thick skull that not all members of the Targaryen family are perfect. The fact that she doesn’t want to believe that or even hear anything negative about her "perfect" family proves how immature she is. Daenerys is afraid to change her ideal perspective towards the dead Targaryen family members and this flaw pisses me of more than the rest, she chooses to be ignorant regarding the truth.

Does George RR Martin Protect Daenerys?

With Daenerys it always feels like everything constantly goes her way. No matter what she does or to be exact what horrible mistakes she makes, she always comes on top. The problem is that she stays on top not because she does something special to recover from her mistakes but because everything turns around for her by itself. Daenerys does so many foolish moves that wouldn’t fly in Westeros. In a sense it feels like she deals with armatures in the free cities.
Compare Daenerys Targaryen to other characters in A Song of Ice and Fire Series like:

  1. Rob Stark - loses his head for one honorable mistake.
  2. Jon Snow - got a similar fate like his half brother for going on his way without considering the opinions of others. The fact remains that his black brothers were not ready for the massive changes he planned to make.
  3. Tyrion Lannister - The Dwarf got his nose cut off because he didn’t expect the assassination attempt.
  4. Jaime Lannister - Got his hand chopped off for his arrogance.
  5. Theon Greyjoy - OMG I can't even think about his fate, it's too painful to describe it, although he was never one of my favorites.
Daenerys is immune to all that, not even a scratch on her body from all the dumb shit she does, and that’s really frustrating. Daenerys Targaryen is protected by the author. It seems like Martin is jumping through hoops just to make Daenerys likable but for some readers like me and many others that doesn't work. It only generates more hate towards the Mother of Dragons.

Because RR Martin’s blind protection of his Little Miss goody two shoes, sometimes I even categorize Daenerys with Joffrey Baratheon / Lannister and Ramsay Bolton, those last two are some sick dudes. And still I categorize Daenerys in their sick company. There is one difference between Daenerys and Joffrey, Ramsay. Joffrey and Ramsay are vicious, sick and disturbing characters that no one in his right mind can somehow relate. The audience is petrified from them and has an initial negative opinion about the two. With Daenerys it is completely different approach but in some circles it generates the similar dislike. She is portrayed as a positive character but if you look deep inside and listen to how she talks about Westeros’s high lords you can see that she can be as vicious as Joffrey (not Ramsay Bolton he is on pedestal of his own). Joffrey tortured and killed his victims because he enjoyed it, Daenerys can do the same when her excuse is vengeance.

Daenerys Targaryen major struggles in the free cities:

  1. Daenerys Targaryen had a mental breakdown after losing her unborn baby Rhaego, (The baby who would destroy the world) and killing her rapist sun and stars husband. Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea decides to enter the fire to do god knows what, in my opinion it was to commit suicide. When out of nowhere magically she survives and her dragon eggs are hatched - Magic
  2. Travel in the desert with her khalasar of misfits, until deteriorating to dehydration. When all hope is lost suddenly she finds a city in the middle of nowhere where a complete stranger vouches for her and her gang of barbarians Dothraki to enter (how convenient) - Luck
  3. Enters willingly into a trap at the House of the Undying (with no plan or backup) just to be rescued by her dragons, the Dragons start spiting fire for the first time in the most appropriate time - Magic + Luck
  4. Tricks the slave masters in Astapor to sell her all the Unsullied and butchers the slavers in the end - People stupidity (that trick would not fly in Westeros).
  5. She meets an army of Sellswords who supposed to protect the city of Yunkai. Than from nowhere Daario Naharis betrays his colleagues to join Daenerys ranks, and give her even more power (WTF?!?!? where did that come from? and why? Is Daenerys that hot that Daario Naharis started thinking with his other head?) - Luck + Love
  6. Conquers Meereen, tries to rule the city but fails in every turn. Sons of the harpy use guerrilla style warfare against the mother of dragons and her free slaves. In a desperate attempt for peace with Sons of the Harpy she abandons her ideal and allows the slave trade of Slaver's Bay to continue, marries Hizdahr zo Loraq who tries to poison her but she miraculously survives - Luck
The Daenerys Targaryen character is so frustrating that at some point in "A Dance with Dragons" it was impossible to read her chapters. Every time I saw the header with a Daenerys at the top I would think twice whether to start reading the chapter or leave it for tomorrow, because I knew that I’m in for the boredom of my life.

I will give a great example for my frustration with Daenerys:

The moment Quentyn Martell of Dorne arrived, to claim Daenerys's hand in marriage. I thought thank god these free cities nightmare is about to end but NO, Daenerys decides to stay in freaking Meereen to protect her “people”.Give me a break this is ridicules. 

You dream day and night about conquering back your birth right and claim the Iron Throne for yourself because you think that it is yours. And now when Quentyn is here giving you a legitimate opportunity to return home with Dorne behind you (the only big house that has a fresh, rested army which didn’t participate in the never ending war in Westeros), you decline to continue drowning in the Meereen quicksand. Daenerys why would you do that?

If we are at the Meereen quicksand, what was she supposed to do with her new husband Hizdahr zo Loraq when she would actually decide to conquer Westeros? (That is of course prior the poisoning attempt) I don’t think that the Westerosi would have really accepted him as their king (Daenerys herself has some kind of a small base to her claim but this Hizdahr zo Loraq has non and he would have never been accepted in Westeros. So why in seven hells did she marry that clown). If you ask Daenerys, than she would probably be like "I will burn the opposition with fire and blood" ... and bunch of garbage of that sort.

What’s up with Daenerys Targaryen's never ending list of names and titles?

  • Daenerys Targaryen the First of Her Name (she is not the first Daenerys)
  • Mother of Dragons
  • Daenerys Stormborn
  • Queen of the Andals
  • Queen of the Rhoynar
  • Queen of the First Men
  • Lord of the Seven Kingdoms
  • Protector of the Realm
  • Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea
  • The Unburnt
  • Breaker of Chains
  • Queen of Meereen
  • Dany
There are so many names and titles that it confused me and I had to sit down and remember all of them. What normal person can remember all of them except maybe Daenerys.
What if Daenerys Targaryen does conquer Westeros? What then?

Sometimes when I think about the possibility of her coming to Westeros and really conquering the continent, I don’t think that anyone will be left for her to rule. This crazy Targaryen chick is so out of her mind with her never dying revenge. When she will finish with Westeros there won’t be anything left. Let’s be honest most of the big houses of Westeros betrayed her nut of a father Aerys Targaryen. The only ones that didn’t were house Martell but she ditched Quentyn so they won’t be happy with that. Daenerys does not have any friends in Westeros now.

a fictional coat of arms
a fictional coat of arms (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Even if she doesn’t destroy the entire Westeros continent where is she planning to put her entire army of Unsullied, Sellswords, slaves and Dothraki Barbarians in the end?
I’m personally really intrigued about the Unsullied because the Sellswords will leave for their next higher bidder the slaves and the Dothraki will eventually adapt (that will take a long time indeed). What do you do with 8000 baby killers with no balls? They can’t have children, start a family's nor start working in the fields like normal people. What is Daenerys supposed to do with them in the end? I really hope that Martin will kill that crazy Targaryen or at least make her suffer ... a lot.

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  1. Couldn't agree more with this! I just started getting into Game of Thrones, and like how there are several different storylines going on at once. However, once I see Daenery's storyline or even see her face, I don't watch anymore or I just go surfing the web until her story is over and it shifts to either the Lannister's/Snow's/Starks story. I hate when one character ruins the whole book/show to the point where you can't even watch it anymore, and that's what Daenery's does to this! And seriously, Martin is COMPLETELY GOING OUT OF HIS WAY TO TRY TO MAKE US LIKE HER, and it pisses me off even more, and makes me hate her even more. Ugh! Can't stand it!

  2. Thats why reading A Dance With Dragons was so hard for me. Half of the freaking book was Daenerys one woman's show and it bored the crap out of me. With the TV Series you can skip parts show and surf the net while Daenerys is on doing her thing like you said but in the book you cant skip chapters because you might miss something important. unfortunately there is almost nothing important going on with Daenerys. it is so frustrating that Martin tries so hard to make her likable that it generates this hate towards her (at least for me)

  3. Haha, oh man, that's true, I don't know how you do it! A whole BOOK about her?! UGH, please someone just slit my eyes! I thought I might start reading the books, but nope not now! It feels great knowing that at least SOMEONE feels the same!
    Did I mention how I hate how Daenery's face gets when she tries to act all tough and hard thinking she's the shizzle?! UGH! Sorry, but thank you so much for listening to my rants. I have officially bookmarked your site! :)

  4. With all the hate i feel towards Daenerys the books are awesome. you should try them at least the first 3. the other two are not as eventful and the 5th is completely ruined by Daenerys but still the books are a must.
    Thanks for the bookmark:)

  5. No prob, I really do love your post on this. I come back only to read it again and again, haha (I know, I have issues >.<) ~ I'm still thinking about the just scares me because I wont be able to skip over the Daenerys parts ;P

    1. You are basing your opinions on what someone else said and on an actress who can't act and a TV show that epically fails to capture the essence of Daenerys. The way they portray her on the show is not at all how she is in the books. I can't stand what they did to her character on TV. I recommend reading the books. I personally love them and she is one of the characters that I like the most which is why I can hardly watch the tv show because it is painful to see how they destroy a good character.

  6. Thanks, Glad you like it so much.

    With all the Daenerys bad stuff the books are still worth checking out, besides Daenerys started getting on my nerves in book 4. Until then she was somehow tolerable and forgettable.

  7. No one will take this seriously if you are spelling the names of major characters wrong.

  8. I dislike Daenerys but I can't take this article seriously because of all the spelling errors. "Miracally" should be "miraculously."

  9. Let me know what names you saw that are wrong, it will be easier for me to fix it.

  10. Your theories are to compplicated.
    She is the least likely character to die beacuse:
    The series is called "A song of Ice and Fire" and Dany or more specifically her dragons are the source of fire in the world.
    Further more "Valar morguhlis" (all men must die) indicate that if there are to be any Survivors, they will be women. Its all there, in plain sight. I still hope Tyron makes it, he is only a half-man after all :-)

  11. I don’t think they are too complicated, but if you think so I can explain them a bit more, if you want.

    You are correct that the series is called "A song of Ice and Fire" and Daenerys does represent the fire with her Dragons but where is the Ice? She has nothing to do with Ice that is why she is not the savior that was promised. Jon Snow fits that frame a lot more.
    I think you took "Valar morguhlis" a bit too far, the phrase is used to make it clear that nobody is immune and everybody is fare game. Everybody can die that is it. The fact that the phrase is used a lot in the series doesn’t mean that everybody HAS to die; Martin mentions it to make clear that everyone CAN die.

    Tyrion can be 1/3 of the 3 heads of the dragon alongside Daenerys and Jon Snow because all three might be Targaryens, in that case there is a high chance that he will make it at least for the final book.

  12. I think the White Walkers represents the Ice.

    Maybe det 3 heads of the dragons means something different

    Targaryen's , Dragons, Magic

    Targaryen's, Dragon, Rhollor (God of fire)

    Dany, Dany's nephew, Master Aemon? (did he really die).
    Or someone yet unknown.

    Valar morguhlis - I still think it is the a red thread in the Song.

    The song final verse is yet to come :-)

  13. White Walkers maybe represent coldness and ice and that's it. its hard to connect them to the main story.

    I dissagree with your 3 heads of the Dragon. Targaryen's , Dragons, Magic and Targaryen's, Dragon, Rhollor is too simple and has no depth to it. when Martin writes something it blows you away and those 2 do nothing for the reader.
    Dany, Dany's nephew, Master Aemon can work but Aemon got nothing to do with it so its not likely.

    I guess we will have to wait and see what will happen next :)

  14. You obviously didn't understood the book at all.

  15. Well I thought i understood it. The problem that i enjoyed all of the previous books and the 5th one (A Dance with Dragons) was a pain. Maybe i did miss something but i started disliking Daenerys right after book 2 (A Clash of Kings) so having half a book telling her boring story was not my cup of tea. I tolerated her in the previous books because her chapters appeared in smaller doses, in A Dance with Dragons there was just too much of her.

  16. Thank God there is someone who agrees with me on the piont of this girl.
    She is the most annoying prick in the whole story and I agree with you wholesomely.
    I just HATE the fact that the author favours her soo much.She is vain, arrogant,stubborn, proud with absolutely no reason and has no claim whatsoever for the throne!
    Oh please please please George RR Martin please kill of Daenerys, thats the only think I ask of you - well except maybe to save Jaime

  17. I feel the exact same thing!! I cannot stand ADWD because it is filled to the brim of Daenerys. I literally skipped all of her chapters and probably will only go back to them when Winds of Winter comes ou

  18. Thanks for sharing your opinion, unfortunately we are in a minority. 90% of the HBO viewers think of her as a goddess that came from heaven to save the world. The problem that those exact people ignore most of the flaws you described above. The show doesn't highlight those flaws as the books do but her characters flaws are there and person with half a brain can see that and see Daenerys for what she really is.
    Most of the people who read the book are ambivalent towards her and don't share the contempt to her character like we do but as the story progresses more and more people start getting frustrated with the Daenerys character.
    I don't think that Martin is going to kill her off. He put too much work and effort in attempt of making her likeable. Martin knows how he is going to end the ASOIAF series and unfortunately Daenerys looks to be the favorite to win the Iron throne.

  19. Good luck with the 2nd round of ADWD, this is going to be a long read :)

  20. Ok, I just wanna marry you... like right now. THANK GOD for your review. I'm finishing A Dance with Dragons and her chapters are a pain in the ass, as you said.

    If it turns out that GRRM only wrote 6 or 7 books, I don't know how many they will be, only to put Daenerys in the iron throne, I seriously think he will ruin everything. And other characters FAR MORE INTERESTING will be there for, basically, nothing. The story then will be "Daenerys's journey to the iron throne". Let's pray this won't happen.

  21. As of right now there are supposed to be 7 books. 5 were released so far, A Dance with Dragons being the fifth. The additional two books are The Winds of Winter (the sixth book) and A Dream of Spring (The 7th book). We already know that Martin is working on The Winds of Winter and he even published a few chapters online but we don't really know when he is going to finish the book.
    You are right regarding Daenerys, Martin is doing everything in his power to put her on the throne. While the rest of the characters can keep on struggling, it seems like they are a background noise for Martin. When his main goal is Daenerys, unfortunately for us she is so boring and we will have to suffer till the end because Martin refuses to kill her off.

  22. Hi Lintalome Quickshade,
    Thanks a lot for your Rant / Comment. I thought about adding something but you covered pretty much everything.
    I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one that feels like that about Daenerys. I think that Martin screwed up this character; he wants so much to make her likeable, to prepare her taking the Throne that he completely ignored the fact that his excessive efforts achieve the complete opposite. Generally I would hope that she will improve in the next two final books but I completely lost fate in Daenerys and hope she will die really soon.

  23. YES!!!! YES A MILLION TIMES YES!!! I've never read anything as enlightened as this... Even though Martin does not protect her as much as the writers of the show do, the TV character is a bit more likeable, but still I really hope she gets eaten by one of the dragons (Fingers crossed for Vyserion) and we can call her Daenarys DragonManure...


  24. Thanks

    The show does bring Daenerys in a more positive light than it was in the books
    but from the trailers for the 4th season it seems like the producers made a change in the character this season. All gloves are off and
    Daenerys is exposed as vindictive little Tyron she is.
    That’s not going to
    change the opinion of her followers on the HBO show, first impression is
    one can only hope for her exit from the series, although its most unlikely at this point.

  25. Hi guys
    We had to remove disqus because ... it is explained here -
    We are sorry that most of your comments were lost

  26. The fact of the matter is, Tyrion is an imp, looked down on by all, Jaime was a prisoner, Robb was in enemy territory, and Theon was operating outside his influence. Even Jon was attempting something that he didn't have the power to attempt. THAT'S why they ended up getting hurt/killed. Daenerys hasn't survived this long because of luck, she's survived because she's got skills/influence that others don't have. That's why 90 percent of the audience likes her. She's got the dragons, which makes her name known across the world, she's got the relationship with the khal, which gives her a built in following, she's got the noble name, which gives her a, (however tenuous,) claim to the throne, and she happens to be doing all this in a time where all of Westeros is in strife. If you hate her for her personality, that's one thing, but the fact is, she's got pretty much the same credentials as a LOT of famous historic leaders. More So if you add the dragons. (The only historical figure I know of that actually rose to power via dragon legends would be St. Paul.) She's got a chance at winning this, whether you like it or not. It's not George R.R. Martin's protection keeping her alive, it's the fact that her followers love her, (just like they do in real life, too,) and that she has a lot of influence/makes good decisions. And as for the claim to the throne, she has more than Robert Baratheon had when he took the Seven Kingdoms. If there's one thing this series likes to drill into your head, it's that there's no such thing as a "claim to the throne." It's a made-up word used by tyrants to keep themselves in power. The only thing that matters is that Daenerys has the opportunity to take the throne, and seems to be doing a pretty good job of it.

  27. I didn’t really get what you wanted to say mentioning Tyrion and Jaime? All the people I mentioned got hurt and died because they made mistakes. Daenerys made more mistakes than Tyrion, Jaime, Robb, Theon and Jon taken together, and she is still alive. Like I mentioned in the post a lot of it was luck and if you disagree it’s your right, and it’s OK.
    “She’s survived because she's got skills/influence” – really? The girl is a pawn in the hands of Illyrio and Varys. We don’t know yet why they want her on the throne but she is alive not because of her skills/influence. Everywhere she went she screwed up and made the situation worse than it was before for the local population.
    90 percent like her is because they didn’t see the real her on TV yet and the darker side of her that was revealed in the books for some reason was hidden from HBO’s TV show viewers.
    “She's got the dragons” so what? Give a lunatic an atom bomb and see what happens – it’s the exact same thing.
    “She’s got the relationship with the khal” – she was sold like a whore, she was a means for Viserys’s army. After Drogo’s death it gave her a following of misfits that stayed with her because they had nowhere else to go. She is doing all that while Westeros is in strife, but she is not in Westeros. She has it easy because if she would go to Westeros when the war was going on, Westeros would spit her out faster than a flying bullet.
    She is nothing like famous historic leaders; I agree that she has the best chance at this point to win the Iron throne.
    “It's not George R.R. Martin's protection keeping her alive, it's the fact that her followers love her” – if you believe this sentence than you didn’t get the books at ALL. Nobody cares who has a stronger claim to the throne it’s who can take it. Look at the Lannisters for example: all of the major houses know that the Lannister children have no claim and still the Lannisters Rule Westeros because they are strong enough to rule the continent.
    She doesn’t do a good job of anything, she is lucky to be in the free cities while the Westerosis are killing each other. The problem is that she remains in Meereen not because she wants the Westerosis to keep on killing each other for an easier campaign in the future. She remains in Meereen because she fails in every turn ruling the city and she wants to practice a bit more.

  28. If she was in the free cities, the war would be over. She's got dragons, (which are full grown at this point in the books, remember.) Or do you not remember what three dragons do for an army. The fact that she's in the Free Cities may have been lucky for her in the beginning, but now it's just delaying an inevitable victory. What you're saying about Westeros spitting her out faster than a flying bullet is ridiculous. Maybe in the beginning, when she had a third of a khalasar and three baby dragons, but to argue that at this point in the books she's weak is pretty silly. You may not agree with her policies, but don't let that cloud your judgement. The things that led her to power are perfectly logical, just like the rest of the story. And I mentioned Tyrion and Jaime because they too suffered negative consequences after making mistakes, but it wasn't the mistakes themselves that caused the consequences. It was the fact that they made these mistakes while in a compromised position where they had no power or protection. Daenerys is smart enough to always have protection, which is why she lives. (She always has her Queensguard to protect her, and Ser Jorah.) THAT'S why she hasn't gotten hurt, not because of George R.R. Martin's favoritism. Luck played a part in it, but she isn't alive SOLELY based on luck. If we start playing that game there isn't a person in the world, real or fictional, whose existence isn't based on luck. My real point is, as many mistakes as she makes, she does one thing right that no other idiot in Westeros seems to be able to do. She never leaves herself open. (Oh and I totally agree with you, claim to the throne means nothing. That's the whole point I'm making. She has dragons. That's her claim, and it's a far better claim than Stannis has, or anyone else for that matter.)
    That's just my two cents on it. I think not liking Daenerys is perfectly reasonable, but it's silly to try to claim that she should be dead or that she shouldn't be able to do what she does.

  29. “If she was in the free cities, the war would be over.” I think you got mixed up here. But if Daenerys would be in Westeros she probably would die a horrible death because at that time her dragons were very small and the Westerosis had a bigger army than she had at the time. They would have forgotten their problems with each other just to kill her and her dragons; nobody likes to have an enemy with weapons of mass distraction. Let’s analyze the current situation where the dragons are fully grown – she still can’t control them because she never put the time or effort to train them. Let’s imagine that she unleashes the dragons on Westeros and they kill everyone, who will be left for her to rule over. Sure this is the optimal situation for her because there are no subjects for her to rule and she can’t screw this one up.
    “The fact that she's in the Free Cities may have been lucky for her in the beginning” – that’s exactly what I was saying. She didn’t win anything yet; don’t put a crown on her head just because everything looks bright on her end. She still needs to cross the narrow see and conquer the continent, she didn’t do it yet and the moment she will (if she will) we will see how that will turn out to be.
    “Westeros spitting her out faster than a flying bullet is ridiculous. Maybe in the beginning” – you are repeating exactly what I said. And is one of the weakest characters of the story, just because other people help her and try to guide her despite her stupidity doesn’t make her strong it makes the people that surround her strong despite her weakness.
    I disagree regarding Tyrion and Jaime because if Jaime wasn’t as arrogant as he was he wouldn’t get his hand chopped off. If Tyriom would have avoided the battle or at least had somebody protecting him (he is a Lannister high born) he wouldn’t get hurt.
    “Daenerys is smart enough to always have protection, which is why she lives” – What about her entering the house of the undying without any protection or almost getting poisoned with all of her protection. Daenerys is still alive because she has the biggest protector on her side and that is JRR Martin. What about the last chapter in a Dance with Dragons, who is protecting her now? Besides Ser Jorah. is not with her any more. One thing I will give her it’s her ability to use men to do whatever she wants and that is the only talent she has.
    Until she gets her dragons under control she won’t be able to conquer Westeros. As it seems after the events of A Dance with Dragons she doesn’t seem eager to train them because she herself in some sort of a pickle.
    I will tackle it from a different angle. Let’s say she conquers Westeros and sits the iron throne, Do you really thing she can outplay veteran players like Littlefinger, The Tyrells and the Martels will not forgive her for Quentin or … any other character that is after what she got? She wouldn’t last a year after her victory.

    Thanks for sharing your take on things.

  30. She suffers negative consequences of her mistakes. Khal Drogo's death is one of them, and the death of her unborn child too.

  31. Come on, you call that suffer? Every character in the story suffered from significantly worse mental trauma. Besides Daenerys killed Drogo so that’s on her.

  32. Maybe you hate her because u were turned on seeing her abused and raped. Now that shes coming into her own it bothers you. I only say that because you implied that her fans are feminists and little girls... just my opinion.

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  34. I guess you didn't read the full Daenerys rant i wrote above.

  35. I am rooting for Daenerys, not because I'm a little girl~ or a feminist (lol really? ) that's kind of an immature analysis if you want to be taken seriously over this article. It seems George R.R Martin has a knack for writing strong female leads and if that bothers you so much go read a book with a male lead who fights dragons and fucks multiple women.

  36. And as far as I know, mostly every character in the book is flawed. That includes Jon Snow. It seems your inbred hatred for her is probably just annoyance and jealousy of the popularity of her character. But to each his own. In the end, Martin is the writer and will determine the conclusion. In my opinion the Song of Ice and Fire applies to Daenerys Targaryen (fire) and if the R+ L= J theory is true then the Ice would be J. It would be awesome to see them rule Westeros together.

  37. Good for you, it’s always so easy to root for the obvious choice that is probably going to take it all - in this case Daenerys. I like some diversity to root for someone different. The beauty in A Song of Ice and Fire is that there are so many great characters that everyone can relate to, you picking Daenerys is your choice and im not going to tell you who to root for. I personally think that it’s boring to root for her.
    I never wanted to be taken seriously. If you like the post great if not that’s ok too. I don’t want to convert you to be a Daenerys hater I just point out the things that bothered me, that’s all.
    “It seems George R.R Martin has a knack for writing strong female leads” – I guess you didn’t read the books because if you did you wouldn’t put that nonsense for everyone to see. If you think that Daenerys is a strong female character you probably smoked to much of the good stuff while watching one of the episodes. Now seriously read my post again and tell me where was I wrong about Daenerys? So far what you wrote is “I am rooting for Daenerys” and “George R.R Martin has a knack for writing strong female leads” without saying something to back it up.

    I never said that all the characters are perfect; I only mentioned that the Daenerys character is the most boring character of them all.
    “It seems your inbred hatred for her is probably just annoyance and jealousy of the popularity of her character” well the Kardashians are popular that doesn’t make them less stupid or the people that worship them any smarter. Who cares what people think, the masses can have their opinion it doesn’t make it truer.
    I agree that the Martin’s end game is obvious and most of the readers think that they know how it will end. If you want to hear about a different theory regarding Jon’s parents check out this post:

  38. OK, I do agree that Daenerys DOES have flaws and sometimes makes poor decisions (who doesn't?) except stopping rape (I can't imagine anyone to be so dumbass to blame her in that matter. Any sane person should've done it, and just because rape is one of the "ways of war" doesn't make it right.) However, I really want to ask all these people : what would THEY do if they were in her situation?
    Foks invent the stupidest ways to excuse, say, Visery's or Robert Baratheon's actions, but when it comes to Daenerys or Cersei, they just scream their hate; "she got sold and raped like a whore, lol how hilarious", "he gave her bruises wahaha how funny, she was stripped naked and forced to walk in the streets bwahaha she deserved it" --- without even realizing that if they lived in that world, they wouldn't be spared from such events, therefore, they choose to judge others instead of asking themselves : "what would I do, after being a victim of traumatizing incident?"
    I'm no Dany worshipper, moreover, I'm a male (not that it matters but still, just saying) but reading books has convinced me that there are much more boring, annoying, disgusting or downright hateful characters than for example, Daenerys: Roose Bolton, Ramsay Snow, Melisandre, Stannis, Lysa Arryn and occasionally, Catelyn annoys me to no end as well.

  39. I never said one word about rape, I said that her husband was a rapist that all. If we are on the rape subject, that fact that Daenerys stopped the rapes of handful women means nothing because like it was with mirri maz duur who was raped 3 times prior to Daenerys stopping it. The entire system is wrong and the fact that she stopped 1% of the rapes just to say she did has no meaning or affect.
    Viserys, Robert Baratheon, Cersei and the others paid for their mistakes with their lives.
    The people who choose to play the Game of Thrones have to accept the horrible fate in the case they lose the game. Nobody made the characters play the game, most of them want to rule and in the case they lose the game it's on them because they choose to play.

  40. Sorry bro, but after about the 10th misspelled word I gave up on reading this. You wanna convince me? At least spell properly, use the right words, and use some grammar now and again.

  41. Just wanted to say I've only watched the series and still dislike her character. Anyways interesting read, thanks.

  42. I'm so glad that book spoilers weren't involved in this, Dany goes to the top of my idiot list along with Eddard and Robb. The difference being those 2 payed for their mistakes, killing Doreah and Xaro was a mistake (just rewatched that so it's in my head) she's made more but the same way I don't want to see spoilers I won't spoil for those not caught up with the TV series

  43. First of her name means she is the first Daenerys of the name to be a queen. The other Daenerys was just a princess so she was not noted. Also the tv show ruins the real character. She is a terrible actress and the writers have destroyed her essence. Between the made up story lines and clichéd acting I can understand your distaste towards the tv character, but not the book character. I can hardly watch the tv show because she is not the only character whose essence was lost. There are plenty of characters to complain about. I will admit that some of the decisions she made in the books are baffling. But you have to remember she is a young girl and young girls do stupid things, but they learn. Also I know it may seem that she is the most important character and she is always protected from harm, but it is for that reason that I believe she is not the most significant character. A good character must suffer, they will go through pain and every moment and every decision will wound them deeper and mold them into something more. I'm not saying Daenerys is unimportant, but I am saying that she is part of a puzzle, and her opposite is Jon Snow. A far more conflicted character with many secrets and interesting powers lurking beneath the surface. Daenerys is the door but Jon is the key. If you knew who his real mother and father were you probably would not have made some of the statements you made. If you really read all the books and understood them then you would know that Rhaegar did not kidnap Lyanna, and that the two of them were in love. Robert mistakenly thought that she loved him but some of Ned's inner dialog reveals how Lyanna felt about Robert and it was clear that she would never have been with him. Robert was, well, Robert. He enjoyed the blood and the fight. He was deluded about many things. Reading your article I get the feeling that you don't fully understand the book or the characters and their actions and why they do some of the things they do. You seem to be putting the more ignorant and TV leaning non reading masses off of reading the actual book. Most of the character description you gave of Daenerys sounds like the tv character who is wooden and bland. I just wanted to clarify those few points and express a few things. I hope that some of the readers give the book a chance and don't skip over the Daenerys chapters.

  44. Hi there Jacob,
    First of all I’m basing my opinion on myself, I read all the books and in this post I explained what really irritates me about Daenerys. Look I understand that a lot of people disagree with me, you being one of them but that’s how I feel about her character I can’t help myself.
    You mentioned the differences between Daenerys in the books and Daenerys on HBO’s TV show. Her character on TV is a lot more likable and portrayed positively compared to the books. What can be easily hidden on TV is a lot harder to hide in the books. So I don’t really understand how you can say that Daenerys is a good character that was ruined on TV.
    Ok I can agree with you about the “First of her name” issue.
    I never liked Daenerys not in the book and not on TV so the writers need to have something good in their hands to destroy, Daenerys never was that good. So there was nothing to destroy, the only thing that the TV show did is hide her major defects.
    Look I understand that she is a young girl but most of the important characters in the story are as young as she is and still those characters paid for their mistakes (sometimes with their lives). One more thing – she never learns from her mistakes because she is protected by the author who makes all her problems disappear in an instance.
    Look you don’t need to teach me about the ASOIAF theory’s I know all about them (actually I wrote 2 posts about them Rhaeger + Liana = Jon Snow.
    Still with Martin you should know that nobody is safe and he might kill her off towards the end regardless the fact that everyone thinks she will end up with Jon Snow.
    Believe me that I understood the books perfectly, the fact that you don’t agree with me doesn’t make you an expert on ASOIAF, learn how to accept different opinions even if they don’t agree with yours. That’s what is great about Martins ASOIAF, there are no good / bad guys, there are people. You like some and you hate some depends who you ask. In this post I explained why I dislike Daenerys and why it was so hard reading her chapters in A Dance with Dragons. If you like her than its great for you but there are a lot of people who read the books and hate her, like me :)

    1. What I meant is that she is a terrible actress. I don't love her either, her book character confuses me sometimes and some of her decisions and choices are baffling. She did grow up a lot, but probably not enough. But I'm guessing her naively is something that Martin wants to give off to remind us that she is a child. And children do stupid shit. Even children with power.

  45. I haven't read any of the books, I don't waste my time on that kind of print... I do like the show some what. I absolutely hate that dumb blonde. The mother of dragons title sickens me.
    She walks or rides around acting like everything is owed to her and everyone should bend to her will, She is just as bad as the "masters" that she kills. A murderous little whore who has as much respect for others as she does for herself which is none.
    But lets just be honest here in any real life she would have been dead and gone long ago, Someone would have had her killed.
    The fact that she gets the majority of her first followers killed by roaming through the desert. Ugh can someone just kill her off and then we can watch the other story line?
    Her lack of intelligence and mass of arrogance is nothing more then annoying.

  46. Actually few years back I thought just like you do. But then I decided to give the books a try and it was amazing. The depth that the books go into is unbelievable, the show is great but if you want to go even deeper into the ASOIAF world you need to read the books.
    Whatever you feel about Daenerys I’m with you 100%

  47. Finally a smart post about Daenerys actull personality. I began searching the internet like a year ago, after I read the 3rd book for some Daenerys hate. I never got any luck. Then as the show began to gain popularity more and more people just fell completely for this selfless bitch. Her plain arrogance and retardness just pisses me off. First of all I just find incredibly ironic how she doesn't give an absolute flying fuck about the fact that Mormont was a slave trader. her incredible sense of "justice" seems to fall short when it concerns her. Second, as you expressed so precisely, how she admires the nutwack of Aerys, how Selmy is so carefull every single time he mentions the Mad King. He tip toes around the subject as if he were tryng to pet a bitch with rabies. Third, how she calls Ned Stark and others involved in Robert's uprising, the "Usurpers Dogs". The dumb bitch still doesn't understand that his crazy ass grandfather deserved every bit of what he got. And regarding the fact that Rhaegar stole Lyanna Stark from Robert as a cause of the revolt I would rather think of it as a catalyzer to something inevitable. Every despotic regime eventually falls and that was exactly what Aery's reign was.
    Btw "birth rite" should be written like this: birth right
    I really enjoyed reading your article

  48. Hi Jacob,
    I don’t think that she is so bad; there are a lot worse actors than her.

  49. The reason I wrote this post is exactly why you started looking for some deanerys hate. People around me started to fall in love with this stupid character, and I couldn’t figure out why, still cant.
    Aerys is her father not her Grandfather
    Thanks for the Birth right, fixed it.

  50. Oh my God, the sheer misogyny of the commenters above is just nauseating! It seems to me that female characters must necessarily be like Brienne of Tarth, Arya Stark or Obara Sand in order to get respect! Just another proof that women still fall into hypocritical double standards. First, bunch of hypocrites whine about "unfeminine" viragos, they treat Arya as mad b****, Brienne - "ugly frustrated virgin", and then attack more "convenient" female characters : Sansa is "dumb doll who should be raped", Cersei - "stupid slut", Catelyn - "how did this wolf-b**** dare kidnap Tyrion, OMG".....
    Now, had Dany not been a victim of Viserys' abuse and had she not become a Khaleesi, they still would've invent some idiotic arguments and still thrash her in order to prove they're intelligent, perfect, flawless special snowflakes. As if there aren't much more annoying and overrated characters in those series!
    Oh yeah, Ramsay's disgusting bitch Myranda killing her "rival" isn't a big deal; Melisandre burning Mance's baby and kidnapping Gendry, not this either; Ramsay torturing Theon, nuuh; Ironborn and Dothraki raping, oh no, what's the big deal? Lysa Arryn nearly throwing Sansa, meh...
    Seriously, you bloody need to sort your priorities.

  51. To the Anonymous above : yeah, this and also, it's the ultimate proof that you shouldn't care about others' opinions. No writer should do a fanservice, no matter what, EVER. Unfortunately, there will always be people who will talk shit and trash; this is not civil, articulated opinion, this is just biased, sexist crap. Notice the classic insults : "whore", "bitch". That's the only accusations they're able to rattle out. Oh and of course, icing on a cake - bashing feminism, as always.

    Fickle masses don't know themselves what they want to see in the books or TV shows. If you do X stuff, they despise you, if you do Y or Z stuff, they despise you as well.


    Better read this, haters; you should be b****slapped with Dragon fire for your own idiocy and stupidity. Really, USE YOUR BRAINS instead of slut-shaming every female you dislike. Gee, Bloody Hell! What a cesspool every fandom of EVERY show has become!

  53. Robb Stark is GAZILLION times dumber than Dany. No wonder he got himself killed. Accusing Daenerys of so-called "white savior" is the shittiest argument I've come across. Deal with the fact that this notion DOES NOT exist in Westeros. GRRM himself said : "I read a lot of history, and mine it for good stuff, but I also like to mix and match. That is to say, I don't do straight one-for-one transplants, as some authors do, so you can't really say that X in Westeros equals Y in real life. More often X in Westeros equals Y and Z in real life, with squidges of Q, L, and A."

  54. Dany's so-called "white saviour" complex is the stupidest argument I've come across. Geez, this notion DOES NOT EVEN exist in Westeros!

    "I read a lot of history, and mine it for good stuff, but I also like to mix and match. That is to say, I don't do straight one-for-one transplants, as some authors do, so you can't really say that X in Westeros equals Y in real life. More often X in Westeros equals Y and Z in real life, with squidges of Q, L, and A.

  55. To the Anonymous who posted at 3:27 AM - couldn't agree more. I bet this Shapiro guy and female misogynist b****s agreeing with him can't even deal with the presence of feminine characters. I'm still unable to determine their taste.
    I guess for them, Victarion's and Euron's disgusting treatment of women for example isn't a problem at all, Qyburn torturing for his "experiments" neither, prim and proper pseudo-"lady" Olenna Tyrell beating his own son (well, since women are abused, humiliated and silenced in patriarchal world, so are the children, none of them "should be heard") and calling Ellaria "Serpent's whore", Gregor Clegane disfiguring his brother and raping Elia Martell aren't reprehensible, not in the least! NOOOO, Dany freeing the poor slaves IS a HORROR!!!

    Look, I DO acknowledge that Daenerys has faults, and that without dragons, she wouldn't be able to conquer Westeros. Martin didn't imply to make ALL book people perfect. But this is not an issue that's bothering me right now.

    The issue is that I've got some advice for you Shapiro and all the haters : if you can't deal with REAL female characters, especially young ones ( and not stuck in eternal virgin/mother/whore labels) having REAL, HUMAN virtues and vices, good side and dark side, trials and errors, just quit reading and stop watching TV.

  56. To Anonynous from July 14, 2014 at 3:55 AM
    if you really believe that the link you shared contains a better reading material than what i wrote you are detached from reality and you are welcome to go back to that post and comment there.
    to the rest of the Anonynous's (5 last comments) im not going to explain myself why i wrote this post, you are welcome to read the post itself and my previous comments above i believe i covered most o the answers to your questions.
    Every one has his own opinion, i expressed mine in this post and you expressed yours. There are differences but thats OK if everybody were the same it would be mighty boring

    Sorry for the late response, My PC died 2 weeks ago and only today i managed to find a replacement.

  57. It seems the Feminists found your post lol and I agree with almost everything you said; I never liked Viserys. I have been saying this stuff for years now about how everything goes Danny's way just because..... Focusing on female characters for the sake of the Gynocentric Feminists: Brienne, Arya, and hell even Cersei have all had to claw their way to where they are now and it was not an easy comfortable road with triumph necessarily at the end. Danny on the other hand just has everything go her way. The being poisoned, but miraculously surviving was the straw that broke the back for me after coming off the Red Wedding and Purple Wedding. Both isntances of foolish game players being destroyed by their moronic actions. Danny of course is immune to this. Now with regards to how the story will end; Danny will take the iron throne and she will do it without so much as sacking a city of Westeros. In my opinion here is how it will happen: She will bring her dragons to heel, she will get that another Khal to bend the knee to her, she will cross the narrow sea to use the dragons to defeat white walkers, and they will name her queen. The path to power, the path to subjugating entire nations, and all without a drop of innocent blood spilled. Insulting to watch and pointless to root for 

  58. Thanks for the comment,
    just like you i an sure that Daenerys is going to take it all. i used to run all kinds of scenarios in my head of how she is going to take it but a while ago i thought of it again and came to the conclusion that she doesn't worth the time. she is such a frustrating character that doesn't deserve all the glory she is going to get and in my opinion this is the worst way possible to finish the books.

  59. There was alot of criticism of Dany before AFFC/ADWD about her being too much of a Mary Sue. Somehow I think GRRM took that too heart and dedicated the ENTIRETY of DWD to make her character seem more flawed...

    DWD was the tackiest, stupidest shit I have ever read and the Dany chapters felt like it was written by a 12 year old girl.

    As soon as I read that dragons had hatched in AGOT, I knew nothing good could come from it. I was right. Fuck this series. Malazan > ASOIAF

  60. Thanks for the comment jimmy rustles, i feel the same way. The question is what is Martin is going to do with her in the next books.

  61. So if she is the more hated she is more likely to survive? lol Keep hating her keep making Dany hating blogs and posts so GRRM will let her survive and even win the throne. We all know GRRM doesn't like happy endings and with all the pressure he is under he might do the exact opposite of what you want in the next books. Best troll ever!

  62. To Christina Vargas,
    i guess you didnt really read what i wrote or get it. i said that a lot people start seeing through the Daenerys bulshit, it doesnt mean that she is hated because the majority of the mainstream likes her. I know she is going to win the Game of Thrones, that's not something new.
    Well i only made one Dany rant so if you can find any others let me know.
    Who's the Troll here? Next time you comment on somebody's post make sure to read it, otherwise you make yourself look bad.

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