Total Recall remake review

Total Recall 2012 Review

I have to admit that before seeing the film I gathered so much negative feedback from all kinds
of different sources, that I expected this movie to suck at intolerable levels. My expectation where
at all-time low and that is the best position to be in when the movie is as fun as this one.

Total Recall Trailer 

The main difference between Total Recall 2012 compared to the Total Recall from 1990 was:
That the events didn't occur on Mars as it was in Total Recall 1990 version. I saw so many people complaining about the Mars thing, and i understand why. The Mars thing hurt the movie a little but not much. This Mars issue could have been so easily fixed that i don't understand why the producers insisted on making the changes they made. Instead of making the portal between the UK and Australia make a Portal between UK to Mars, Australia to Mars or US to Mars ... - its so easy. 

The main plot stayed pretty much the same and the writers didn’t do those extreme changes we
English: This is a logo for Total Recall.
English: This is a logo for Total Recall. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
are used to see in movies which are remade. The main change (like i mentioned before) between the two movies was in the toxic environment outside the allowed areas. In Total Recall 1990 it was the mars atmosphere and in the current Total Recall film it was every place on the planet except the UK and Australia.  The rest of the events we saw and loved in the older Total Recall movie, we had in the newer Total Recall movie version as well (the three boob chick).

Whatever worked well in the older total recall version we had in the 2012 total recall. This movie
is a complete replicon of the 1990 total recall only with better special effects
I don't understand why so many people complained about the new Total Recall?
Colin Farrell is no Arnold but Colin Farrell did a very good job here i liked his performance.
Kate Beckinsale was awesome like always seeing her as a villain in this Total Recall movie version
was something new and interesting. Although it was new seeing Kate Beckinsale as a villain she
kicked ass like always, and she was one of the main reasons I wanted to see this Total Recall installment. Kate Beckinsale was made to be such a bad ass here when at one point she kicked the crap out of Colin Farrell and Jessica Biel at the same time. It was probably because her husband Len Wiseman was the director but that’s OK I don’t mind.

The action in this renewed version of Total Recall was great, the chases the shooting were
nonstop just how I like it. There was no wasting time on pointless dialogs nobody cares for.
I have to say that main villain character Cohaagene was looking kind of lame and didn’t lived
up to be the super secrete agent at the level of Houser (they were supposed to serve together in the army and all) he looked week and lame but on the other hand Kate Beckinsale compensated with a believable hellish character.

Another negative in total recall 2012 is Jessica Biel's character / performance. It seemed as if she was frozen or in some kind of a major shock in Total Recall 2012. She was so cold and distant the entire movie that the Melina character was forgettable and not important, if I have to say something in defense of Jessica Biel about the Melina character is that i didn't care for the character in the previous version of the total recall so maybe it’s not all on Jessica Biel it's just the poor and unlikable character Jessica got to play.
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