The Americans Season 2 Premiere Review

The Americans are back for season 2

For some reason it took me a while to check out the first episode of the returning Americans for their second season. I guess without noticing I found myself drowning in a lot of good TV shows in the last few weeks. After watching the Premiere episode of Vikings it was a great opportunity to check out what is going on with my favorite soviet spies.
Who ever saw the first season of the Americans remembers that Nina switched sides back to the KGB, Philip married Martha to infiltrate even deeper into the FBI and most importantly Elizabeth got shot, suffering a severe injury in The Americans season 1 finale.
The Americans season 2 on fx with Philip and Elizabeth
The Americans
The second season starts with Elizabeth returning home after a long healing process. Philip on the other hand was kept on performing Jobs for the KGB (Killing Afghan Terrorists). Soon after Elizabeth’s Return Philip and Elizabeth return on performing ordered missions for the KGB. In the premiere episode of the season we get to see something we didn’t see before. Both Philip and Elizabeth get an opportunity to work together with another pair of sleeper agents and Exchange experiences with their comrades.
The Americans season 2 Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys
The Americans
When the four are curious about seeing the children of the other, both couples decide to meet on the carnival. Just when everything looked great Emmett (the comrade) asks Philip to help him out using Henry in a swap. The children who until this point were out of the game were forcibly inserted into it. Something that Philip and Elizabeth promised to each other never to do and keep the kids as far from it as possible, the situation forced Philip to make an impossible choice. The trivial swap looked clean and harmless but when Philip went to give the retrieved battle to Emmet he was shocked to discover Emmet, Leanne and their daughter all dead.

Video: The Americans ) The Americans season 2 first look

Americans season two premiere delivered what was expected from the FX Show. It didn’t shock you with something that kept you staring at the screen because it didn’t suppose to do that. It didn’t shock you in the first season and it won’t do it in its second season. The Americans took their very well written core script and added a few new elements in this second season of the show. As long as the main framework of the show remains authentic, The Americans can have a long span on FX.

Americans keeps on portraying a realistic 80's environment giving the viewer an opportunity to grasp the events that shaped the word During the Cold war through the eyes of the other side. This is one of the most authentic shows on TV right now and it will be interesting to see where the plot will bring our heroes.

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photo credit: Mom's Tunics via photopin cc  
photo credit: Mom's Tunics via photopin cc

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  1. Thank you, Sasha, for turning me on to this wonderful series. I'll be watching the first two episodes of this season upon finishing the last of the first season, shortly!

  2. Just finished it. I thought it was fantastic, though it was difficult to understand the Southern US dialect at times, & Matthew's last comment was totally unintelligible to me. Didn't bother with activating subtitles, either.

  3. I'll be watching the last episode (s01e08) in about 3 hours.

  4. This is the weird part about the show, before watching it doesn't look like much but when you do start watching its very good.