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Let's admit it nobody expected Pompeii to be a remember-able film, most people didn't even take the film too seriously from the beginning. So when the poor thing finally came out it had no other option than to hold to the lowest expectations.
Pompeii volcano burst
Like most movies of the style what made me want to see it despite its obvious flaws is:
Kit Harington (Jon Snow) he is on Game of Thrones so I had to watch the film
Everything that has to do with Roman History is a must, what can I say, I’m a freak of the genre.

Now when we covered the reasons which made me watch Pompeii, let’s see how bad was it, and why it was that bad to begin with.

Video: Pompeii Trailer Can Kit Harington successfully breakthrough on his own and make Pompeii a blockbuster success
The film actually started pretty good with the massacre of the Celts the only thing that ruined the scene was the Corvus (Kiefer Sutherland) character that seemed to be extracted from a cartoon. Even ignoring the ridicules behavior of Corvus the film had plenty of problems starting with the plot that seemed to be completely empty of content. 

You try to tell a story about a city where its entire population was destroyed by a volcano but most of the film elements focused on everything but the deadly volcano. We had Kit Harington trying to be gladiator who is killing guys twice his size without breaking a sweat, there was a weak love story between Milo (Harington) and Cassia (Emily Browning) who by the way fled Rome back home to Pompeii away from a stubborn persuader Corvus. I don’t really who decided to make Corvus to romantically persuade the Cassia character, what’s definite about the entire thing is that the incompetent writer who wrote Corvus's lines or came up with Corvus wishes regarding Cassia should not have a job after this film.

Without understanding where exactly the film is going we cruised through 3/4 of it without noticing where exactly we are going with the story finally reaching its last quarter with the battle in the arena. Even the fight in the arena which was supposed to be the highlight of the entire thing seemed to be lackluster.

There were so many different elements in the film from Milo's journey with Cassia his friendship with Atticus (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje), than you had the ridicules character of Corvus which had history with Milo and Cassia,and what exactly Carrie-Anne Moss was doing in this film is still a mystery to me. The director Paul W.S. Anderson failed to glue together all the pieces and build a coherent story from a pile of individuals in the film but in the end it all looked so unimportant because (I’m really sorry about the spoiler but I have to) in the end they all die even the boring couple Milo and Cassia. 
The question we need to ask ourselves was it all worth it? Milo was fighting so hard to kill Corvus but in the end he met the same fate as Corvus only minutes later. I really wanted to like Kit Harington in Pompeii but this film just doesn’t worth the time especially with the way it ended but even without the weak ending like I mentioned in the review the middle of Pompeii 2014 isn’t something to brag about either. 

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