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Unlike my recent movie reviews Dracula Untold was actually a movie that I really wanted to see. The vampire's genre was always one of my favorites.
Luke Evans finally got his break and headlined a real big blockbuster on his own. This Dracula adaptation presented to us the humane version of Count Dracula. The film managed to convince me in the logical reasons that driven Vlad to become the monster everyone feared. Even the clues Vlad spread throughout the film claiming that a monster that is feared can serve as a greater good, and that was his personnel redemption line.
Trailer: Dracula Untold

The movie was surprisingly short, but it managed to tell the story and present us its lead characters. It's always a pleasure seeing Luke Evans on the big screen but I'm my opinion his performance in Dracula Untold was way too forced. It seemed like he was trying so hard being always tense with very harsh facial expressions. Still if you ignore that he was pretty believable in the role. Sarah Gadon was a nice eye candy on the screen playing Mirena, Vlads wife. Gadon may be a talented actress, she didn't make too many mistakes but the bottom line was that her presence in the film was her looks nothing more. The role of Mehmed played by Dominic Cooper seemed to be a real leap for Cooper who was not really believable as the guy who was in charge of the largest army in the world. Until this point we saw cooper in small and pretty forgettable performances in Marvels universe (Captain America, Agent Carter). In Dracula untold he received a major role, which seemed to be too big for him, at least in this point of time.

The film was a relative success and it looks like it will spark a monster movie universe. I don't have a problem with that idea; after all I enjoyed this Dracula adaptation. Let's hope that Luke Evans and Charles Dance will return for the sequel.
Dracula Untold
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Dracula Untold
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Dracula Untold
Rating: 4.5 / 5 Stars

Dracula Untold DVD

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