List Of New Movies That Are All Coming Out In 2017

Blasts from the Past and Blast into the Future with New Films in 2017

For the film industry, the year 2017 is sure to start out with a bang. There is a slew of new films that are set to premier early in the New Year. The most exciting part when browsing the titles and movie trailers? Many are long-awaited sequels, remakes, or companion films to all-time favorites. This means any list of new movies that are all coming out in 2017 will have more than a few films that are must see.

For the Comic Book Buff

The year 2017 is set to be a good one for comic book lovers.
On March 3 Logan comes to theaters across the United States. The beloved Aussie, Hugh Jackman reprises his role as Wolverine from the Marvel Comics. Logan focuses on Wolverine’s final days and how he coped with the extinction of the X-Men.

In June the ladies finally have their day, as Wonder Woman comes to the big screen, finally as the start of her own show. In contrast to Logan, Wonder Woman shows that markings and first trials of this incredible superhero.
Then in July newcomer Tom Holland plays the role of Spider-Man, and it is supposedly a whole new look at the Spider-Man character. Finally, in November the Justice League brings Batman and Wonder Woman together with a supporting team of famous comic characters to defend Earth after Superman’s sacrifice.

For the 90’s Wild Child

If there is one show that encapsulates the 1990’s it is Baywatch, and 2017 will see the bikini-clad lifeguards comes to theaters in a way that is bigger, better, and funnier than ever. Baywatch, starring Dwyane “the Rock” Johnson and, an incredibly fit, Zac Efron, is a hilarious and self-aware take on the classic Baywatch brand.
If that isn’t enough to get the 90’s kid out to the theater in 2017, then perhaps a film starring a different cast of television characters will do the job. On March 24th, the mighty, morphin, Alien rangers will be in theaters everywhere, and anyone who watched afternoon television in the 1990’s is singing along, as Power Rangers morphs the cartoon characters into relatable, interesting human beings.
As well, expect to see an old favorite given new life, as Jimanji is remade and revamped for the 2010’s. The premise and storyline are the same, but the graphics and special effects take Jimanji to a whole new level.

For Those Who, Just Can’t Get Enough

As in recent years, there is an abundance of sequels and companion films coming out in 2017. A few of these are causing quite the stir, as viewers were unsure if the roles and series would be continued.
Pirates of the Caribbean is back on May 26th, with Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. Many of the old favorites will be back on screen to play their adored characters from the series, including Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom. More information about this famous movie on our traveler blog.
Just in time for the summer holidays a number of sequels premier in June 2017, including the latest Transformers film, Transformers: The Last Knight, World War Z 2 starring Brad Pitt, and Cars 3 with the voice of Owen Wilson as the main character, which is a great one for the kid in all of us. 

For Those Who feels the Force

As always, the new Star Wars movie is already creating a lot of hype and excitement. The film does not come to theaters until December 2017, but it is already the movie everyone is anticipating in 2017. Star Wars: Episode VIII is a continuation of the sensational Star Wars: Episode VII, as viewers will see Rey continue her journey with constant companions Finn, Poe, and Luck Skywalker.
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