The Purge Anarchy Review

To tell you the truth I wasn't really excited about seeing The Purge Anarchy. The only reason I got this sequel was because the original film with Ethan Hawke and Leana Heady really impressed me by their performance and the original fascinating idea of the film.
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The Purge Anarchy
Anarchy was many things but a bad film wasn't one of them. When The Purge Anarchy debuted I remember that the only two characters that catch the eye in the trailer were the two unknowns: Shane (Zach Gilford) and Liz (Kiele Sanchez).

A lot of films nowadays fail to present an interesting enough trailer that will present the core idea of the film without giving too much. Most of the films fail terribly in that aspect by showcasing way too much (Terminator Genisys is the perfect example), Anarchy failed in a completely different aspect. It failed to show us the core idea and the main characters of the film, by not showing us Frank Grillo. Grillo made this film and it's a pity that some people decided that it was the right move to hide him from the first trailer.
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Grillo's character is a cop that a year ago lost his son to a drunken driver that walked free. A year has passed and our hero decides that he will use his citizen right and purge on the guy that took everything from him. Unfortunately nothing goes exactly as planned in those scenarios. In a moment of weakness Grillo's character decides to save a few of the misfortunate souls that fallen prey to hunters of the city. From this point on it's a cat and mouse game between Grillo and the people he save and the hunters and their rich bosses.
Like I already mentioned The Purge anarchy is a nice surprise. It is definitely different than the original Purge film from 2012 but it a lot of fun.

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