Defiance Review: Trashy but Entertaining

Defiance Season 1 Review

This show looked interesting even before I glanced on it for the first time. It seemed like Syfy channel has finally found the right formula to create a really Cool TV Show like Defiance.

Right from the get go you could see the cheesy characters the bad acting, and the predictable plot. Syfy's Defiance even looked a bit trashy at times but all those negatives didn't manager to ruin this fun show for me.

I don't really know how Defiance got to me but it did. Maybe it’s the post apocalyptic world, different races of aliens or the easy going progression of the events. Maybe I got hooked because I saw some familiar faces in Defiance cast like: Grant Bowler from True Blood, Julie Benz and Jaime Murray from Dexter and Spartacus and Tony Curran from the Underworld movies. Either way I'm glad i got to see this season 1 of Defiance.

Every episode of Defiance TV show is a standalone episode with its own plots and subplots while the only thing the glues everything together is the mysterious events that threaten Defiance's future. Another positive that got me intrigued in the show was the dark past of most of the main Defiance characters, as the facts reveal themselves in flashbacks, something that gave us another perspective regarding each of the characters.

I have to say that the duo of villains in Defiance is making a remarkable job. Both Tony Curran and Jaime Murray have a substantial experience portraying nasty characters. In defiance each found himself completing the other forming one of the most deadly duo's on TV today. While Tony's character Datak Tarr is rush, explosive, predictable and at times out of control. Jamie's character Stahma Tarr completes Datak (Curran) by being calm, rational and very creative with her cruelty.

Something funny I encountered during this first season of Defiance. Towards the end of the first season of the show things started to go a bit stale. That happens to most TV Shows in the Sci fi genre with time. So what do the creators of the show do when they feel the heat from upstairs? They put some girl on girl action (Mia Kirshner and Jaime Murray) a couple of kisses make everything good again. It’s amazing how that works every time.

The bottom line is: Although there were many crucial flaws with Defiance's season 1, I still found a way to enjoy the show. It’s amazing that so many core flaws didn’t ruin the experience of the show for me. Defiance is a Cool TV Show and I will be waiting for its season 2.

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  1. Yes, it did go a little "stale" towards the end. I'll watch season 2 though, if indeed it returns.

  2. the 2nd season was ordered by Syfy