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Like I mentioned in my Currant TV shows evaluation review, Gotham shined above all with its disappointment. Fox's new flagship show somehow failed to deliver the wanted result. The huge hype Gotham got prior to its air date and the excellent cast (on paper) made us believe that Gotham can be something great. In reality it wasn't the case, in its first 10 episodes the show didn't manage to be more than mediocre (except maybe once I think the episode was Penguin's Umbrella). The plot was weak and didn't really make me think that I need to watch this show, it was more of keeping up with an old habit. For a show that was supposed to present us a dark and violent city of Gotham prior to Batman’s appearance it was way too soft. Probably because it was marketed to small children, but not only that the show didn’t present the city as a dangerous place, it wasn’t graphic. Gotham looked like a normal metropolitan with nothing special about it.
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The inflation of famous villains that was presented in the pilot episode exposed the strong wishes of the producers to make the show catch in with the viewers and all the Batman fans out there. In reality it was a mistake. Instead of spreading those (The Batman villains) throughout the season they were all shown in one episode while the rest of the episodes (9 episodes) presented a low class set of characters that cannot be called villains at all. They can be addressed as a bunch of delusional characters that the misfits at Fox managed to screw up more than expected.
One of the biggest problems the show had was the direction that Gotham chose to go with, by showcasing characters that seem to be doll at best. 

  1. Gordon (Ben McKenzie) is one thing, but he is what he is and that was to be expected because we all know Gordon is and was a boy scout and there was nothing that could be made to change it. The other few on the other hand are a completely different issue. 
  2. Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith) and the Penguin are not interesting characters. They are way too cartoonish and mostly creepy in a pretty bad way. Fish Mooney wants to kill Falcone (John Doman) because he beat up a nobody that was her playmate (the one she killed the moment she got bored of him) while the Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) seems to be out of place and he is taking way too many chances that go his way too much, I'm sorry but his not that smart, nobody is that smart unless he has the gift of seeing the future and that is not the case. Penguin’s character is not realistic and pushed too much to the centre of the show. 
  3. The young Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) is another annoying character that gets way too much screen time and every time he manages to waste so much of the precious time of the show. Similar to the Penguin young Bruce presented as too smart for his age (The training, the personnel investigation), and for some reason all of the adults around him take him as a grown individual trapped in a 12 year old body (his relationship with Gordon). That looked unnatural and hard to accept. 
  4. Another character that seemed to be useless was Barbara (Erin Richards). The only reason she was showcased that much was to highlight the gay relationship she used to have with Renee Montoya (Victoria Cartagena). Yea they shove that gay stuff everywhere we look.

I loved Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue) at the beginning of the show. Unlike Gordon, Bullock walked the grey path, he wasn't good or bad. Harvey was a realist. As the show progressed forward Gordon influenced on Bullock too much and it seems like Harvey was losing his uniqueness and individuality.

The mid season episode presented exactly what we got to see during the entire first half of the first season ... mediocrity nothing more. For an episode that supposed to make the audience go "WOW that was awesome, I can't wait for the show to return" we got "bla". Instead we got Gordon sent to Arkham, investigating the crazy people. In the show this was presented as a demeaning move to put Gordon on the sidelines, to me it was "ok, and ... Now what". Maybe it’s because I don’t care much but still, it seems like Fox didn’t even put an effort here.

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Rating: 2 / 5 Stars
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