The November Man Review - Brosnan is 007 Again

In The November Man we saw Pierce Brosnan return to the spook role he used to do so well in the James Bond series of films. This was no James Bond but at times it did feel like it only without the detached from reality gadgets. In my mind this was actually a good thing that managed to ground the film to reality in different to the bond films.
Brosnan himself managed to handle himself well in a role he had so much practice. The old age didn't affect and didn't hurt Brosnan, actually Mason's (Luke Bracey) constant jokes on the expense of pierce only contributed to the film and gave the audience slight comical brakes in a film that comedy was not its cup of tea.
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The relationship / conflict between Devereaux the old guard and Mason the new guard was presented to us throughout the entire film. The cat and mouse chase between the two individuals was one of the better parts of the film. The political issue with the Russians, CIA and Mira Filipova was always in the background but lucky for us the background was the only place. At times it felt like Mira's background was a nice excuse for all the sides involved to go at each other to see who stays standing.
The November Man DVD
In the last few years Olga Kurylenko (Alice in The November Man) managed to secure a lot of interesting roles for herself and it seems that she is always busy. In our Oblivion Review I criticized the actress for being average and couldn't understand why is she so successful. Now after watching The November Man (and few other films with her) Olga is pretty good at all those damsel in distress roles (although I liked her a lot in Centurion as well) and according to her last casting choices she decided to specialize in those roles and now thinking about it, I like watching Olga Kurylenko on the big screen doing what she is good at (looking pretty, and run for cover). The change didn't come because there was a change that Olga made in her performance I guess she grew on me.

In The November Man Alice's secret was seen a mile away and still it didn't ruin the film for me because the main plot was somehow in the background and the main focus of the film were Devereaux and Alice running away from Mason. Alice's angle was not the only one that was predictable, Devereaux and Natalia Ulanova relationship was clear as well. Using the daughter in the end was inevitable in an attempt to bring the viewer a big showdown in the final scene.

The film is relatively short (108 minutes) but it manages to bring its message perfectly by giving us plenty of action, a decent description of the 3 main characters and nice closure to the main story. 
I didn’t expect much from the film, probably because it wasn’t hyped as much. But this is the best position to be in. The November Man is a great action film. It’s not too long and its not to short, it made its point in the clearest way possible, straight to the point. Giving Pierce Brosnan shine one more time under the action sun and letting Olga Kurylenko solidify herself even more as the female side in action films today. If you like: The action genre, Olga Kurylenko, Pierce Brosnan or even Eliza Taylor from The 100 (yep she was in the film playing Sarah). You shouldn’t miss The November Man.

The November Man
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The November Man
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The November Man
Rating: 4.6 / 5 Stars

The November Man DVD

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