The Bourne Legacy 2012 review

The Bourne Legacy 2012

Before I share my thoughts on the Bourne Legacy I have to share a quick rant.
I have to state that I never liked Matt Damon. He was never a believable tough guy or a super spy like he was supposed to be portrayed in the Bourne movies. It always felt like (at least for me) that he reflected that wuss and a self hating looser (that he is in his real life) who got trapped in a role that is too big for his shoes. The 3 previous movies in the Bourne series succeeded despite Matt Damon and not because he was playing the lead role. 
The main reason that the Bourne movies were so successful is because they were high paced, the shooting locations looked so real (that is because they were real) and despite the fact that production shot some of the scenes in the ugliest places on the planet, those places still made to look like heaven on earth. The colors that were seen in those movies were amplified to the level that when I watched the movies it felt ... different and special. Ad to all that the fact that there was a great supporting cast that helped those movies become what they are today.

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From what I said in the beginning you probably figured out already that I’m the only person on earth that liked all of the previous Bourne movies (despite Matt Damon) and simultaneously glad that Matt Damon is not in this Bourne Legacy installment.

I’m glad that Jeremy Renner was chosen to take on the lead role instead Matt Damon. I liked Jeremy’s performance, I remember him from bunch other action movies, recently you may remember him doing a great Job as Hawkeye in The Avengers. As for this movie everything starts very slow and it is difficult to understand clearly what is going on and who are all those new people (where did Edward Norton came from and why is everybody listening to him). In the beginning of the movie the viewer is feeling lost and this is a spot where the Jason Bourne character is missing (I didn’t want to admit this but I had to …) to fill in the blanks. When I started watching the Bourne Legacy I couldn’t figure out what was going on in the first half an hour of the movie, only towards the first hour I started to get into the mood and connecting most of the dots together. The last half an hour of the movie was very good and it was the most entertaining part of it. The chase itself was awesome and I have no complains about it.  
In conclusion, I will say that the movie was good, it was solid. I enjoyed watching Bourne Legacy but I felt that it could have been much better.
The first part was hard to figure out, the middle of the movie was meaningless and the last part was very good.

The fight scenes in legacy were decent but few.
I know that they brought a new director for Bourne Legacy and maybe he is to blame for the fact that we didn’t get all the good things we expected from Legacy. In The Bourne Legacy the story is spread between the US, Alaska and the Philippines. The Philippines is the only place that reminds something of those unique locations that we got used to from the previous movies. Another problem I had with Legacy is that the main characters are not developed and even worse than that they are not even introduced properly in the beginning of the movie. After all Jason Bourne is not in this movie (although he was mentioned a lot at the beginning), that means you need to introduce the new characters as fast and efficiently as possible, not if you ask Tony Gilroy. Tony thinks that its a great idea to plant Jeremy’s character in Alaska so he would waste half an hour (I think it was more than that) fighting wolves and climbing mountains for no clear reason. 
Rachel Weisz’s character was treated even more poorly in the Bourne Legacy, I didn’t understand what was her purpose in the movie or what did she do for a living until they reached the Philippines (and that’s the end of the film). I think I can say that all of the characters in Legacy were new and they didn’t appear in the previous movies but the introduction of those characters to the viewer was poorly done, and that is the main reason why i was left with a feeling that this could be so much better than it was.

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