Resident Evil: Retribution 2012 Review

Resident Evil: Retribution Review

English: Resident Evil (2002)
English: Resident Evil (2002) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
When I started watching this new Resident Evil suddenly I realized that I can’t remember what exactly was going on in the previous movies, all except the first one Resident Evil 2002. The events from the first Resident Evil film somehow were saved in my head. 
Generally it could be a problem to review a movie or a series of Resident Evil movies but in this case it wasn’t like that and it didn’t really affect my opinion on the final outcome of the movie itself, because I knew exactly what I’m going to get from this resident evil installment. Most people who liked the previous chapters of the Resident Evil saga didn’t watch it for the excellent acting or the awesome plot, none of the stuff they give away Oscars for. People watched and liked Resident Evil movies because they wanted to see stuff blow up, zombies get killed, bullets fly all over the place and they wanted to see Alice or any other character kill everything in their path. If you came to see the movie for good action than you came to the right place and most likely enjoyed yourself, if not then why did you decide to watch this movie?
in Resident Evil: Retribution they brought back Michelle Rodriguez and Colin Salmon from the first movie of Resident Evil 2002, Oded Fehr from Resident Evil: Apocalypse 2004 and Resident Evil: Extinction 2007, Jill Valentine was still with us from Resident Evil: Apocalypse 2004 and Resident Evil: Extinction 2007 they brought into the movies for the first time Ada Wong and Leon S. Kennedy from the video games. in addition to all those guys Kevin Durand appeared in Resident Evil Retribution and I think it’s the first time I have seen him in a role of a good guy which was nice, he was very entertaining as long he was alive. Unfortunately his characters death was stupidly done and fitted more to some drama queen.

Ada Wong
Ada Wong (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Overall the plot was not really rememberable in Resident Evil: Retribution (like always). it was stretched too much at times, yes I know how that sounds after all the entire idea of Resident Evil is too much as it is but in Resident Evil Retribution it was way over the top and completely detached from reality even more than the previous Resident movies were. On the other hand I can’t complain about the action, it was nicely done like i got used to from the previous films in the Resident Evil series. The shootouts were good, slow motion scenes were at place, the exchanges in hand to hand combat scenes was excellent (the chain scene was refreshing, a bit over the top but still new and entertaining), I liked the part from the last fight scene where they used the X-ray shot of bone breaking that first used in one of the last Mortal Kombat games.
Initially when I saw all the characters from the previous movies return, I was sure that this is going to be the last Resident Evil movie, but such a huge money maker cannot just end. They will keep on milking that cow as much as they can. I don't really mind watching a Resident Evil movie every 2-3 years because overall you don't need to suffer through it, just lay back, relax and have fun watching Alice kick ass.

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