Taken 2 Film Review

Taken 2 Review

In Taken 2 Liam Neeson returns to the role of Bryan Mills to do what he does best.
This time during Bryan’s trip to Istanbul a gang of east European criminals try to revenge their fallen criminal siblings that were killed in the first movie by Bryan. If you ask me the revenging gang issue is slightly overdone and a bit extreme. All those Bosnians planed this through so long and so hard just to kill one man, that's just too much but I will try to ignore it. This time Bryan and Lenore are the ones who are taken. While Kim manages to escape and attempts to help her parents get out of this mess alive. 
Liam Neeson as John "Hannibal" Smith...
Liam Neeson as John "Hannibal" Smith in the 2010 The A-Team film (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The first Taken from 2008 was a lot better than its second chapter. The first Taken took the audience by the thought and pulled them into the human trafficking world; it was so raw that the audience felt the instant shock of the events. 2008’s Taken managed to balance between the emotionally difficult events of human trafficking and good action sequences. Unfortunately Taken 2 from 2012 didn't have that shock factor, it only had the action. Don’t get me wrong Taken 2 had good action scenes. There was no dull moment. Taken 2 had car chases, shooting and fight scenes but in order to make Taken 2 great as Taken 1 (or Taken 2008) was, Taken 2 had to have that “it” factor in addition to the good action.

English: Famke Janssen at the Deauville Film F...
English: Famke Janssen at the Deauville Film Festival. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The final fight scene between Bryan and the chubby Bosnian was a bit funny. On one side you have Brian who is signification bigger that the chubby Bosnian (maybe not bigger but he was a lot higher) and on the other side you have this ... unimportant dwarf. They go at each other for a couple of minutes but it was so ridiculous every time that the chubby Bosnian overcame Bryan, it was even funny at times. It looked as if Bryan is fighting with a child. Actually that entire fight was unimportant, mostly because Bryan's opponent was not developed properly (actually he was not developed at all, he just ... was there being not important). The chubby Bosnian was shown a few times during the movie but he was always in the background, made to look like another victim that Bryan is going to take out in a couple of seconds.

Overall Taken 2 is a cool movie that I enjoyed watching, although in parts you could see the physical limitations of Liam Neeson (the guy is not a teenager).
Famke Janssen looked great (like she always does); I bet you wouldn't guess in a million years that she will be 50 soon. She looks exactly like the first time I saw her in … I think it was way back in the mid 90's. On the other hand you had Maggie Grace who gave a poor performance and was very not convincing (like always) in her role. If you ask me i would take Famke over Grace any day but that's me.
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