Border Run Movie Review: How Low Can Sharon Stone Fall

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Border Run is a B movie featuring Sharon Stone and Billy Zane. The movie tries to describe the events that occur every day on the Mexico Phoenix border.
Français : Portrait de Sharon Stone
Français : Portrait de Sharon Stone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Aaron (Billy Zane) helps Mexicans cross the US border illegally and one night when he gets caught and goes missing his sister Sofie (Sharon Stone) crosses the Mexican border to look for her "Angel". It doesn't take her a while to forget about her missing brother and get hooked with her Mexican guide Roberto. The Roberto thing doesn't last and she meets Javier (Aaron's friend) who agrees to try and help Sofie find out where is her brother. Javier takes Sofie to meet some nasty Mexican Coyotes that are suspected by Javier of having Aaron. From here on we were introduced to the essence that Border Run tried to give to its audience. We were witnessing:

  1. Physical abuse
  2. Constant harassment by the Coyotes
  3. Robbery
  4. Extortion attempts by the Mexican cops
  5. Theft
  6. Opacity of the U.S. authorities
  7. Constant fear from the snipers from the US side of the border
  8. Rape and murder

All those events happen every day to the illegal immigrants who cross the border from Mexico to the US. One of the brutal scenes was when Juanita kicked (twice) a pregnant immigrant in the belly, which even shook me.

It took me only 20 minutes to get bored by Border Run and lose interest in the movie. At the 30 minute mark I was waiting for it to end as fast as possible. There was no significant plot depth, Sofie rolled with the stream of events without any thoughts regarding the fate that awaited her at the other end. Sofie's behavior can be described as childish bordering stupid at times. 
it seemed like there was a lack of significant / interesting characters in the movie, there was the lead character Sofie, Javier and Roberto who were forgettable at best, Aaron was handcuffed to a wall the entire movie and didn't do or say anything important, even the sidekick villain Juanita didn't make any significant impression besides being an uber bitch.

The Border run is definitely not a cool movie. The only reason I decided to watch this waste of time, was because I wanted to see what’s up with Sharon Stone. I haven't seen her do nothing interesting for a long time. Sharon Stone tried to put effort in this movie but it seemed that everything was for nothing. The black wig she used didn't help either, it only made her look unbalanced and awkwardly pale. Initially I should have known that this movie is going to suck, after all Billy Zane is in it, and he has been doing dumpster movies over a decade if not more.

it’s sad to see an actress in a caliber of Sharon Stone fall so low and appear in a movie like Border Run, not only that but she even shows a breast during the rape scene. I can accept nudity in blockbusters like The Specialist or Basic instinct. In those movies the nudity was necessary and was made to look beautiful but in a B movie like Border Run it was somehow demeaning and pathetic for a 55 year old Sharon Stone.

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  1. I just never can take a review very seriously when the writer can't even write.
    Here's some help for you next time Sasha, a "pail" is a bucket. "Pale" indicates very light or fare skin.

  2. This isn't much about the movie but, the ending scene while they're driving off into the sunset. The flag in that scene only has 48 stars. Shows how bored I was, huh? Just thought I'd bring it up.

  3. Well thats OK, because the movie wasn't much either.
    Its amazing that you noticed it because at that point i was half asleep waiting for the damn thing to end

  4. No, what's demeaning and pathetic is your review. Why bother if you aren't even going to have an open mind? Sharon Stone did a solid job on this film. She was something many others aren't...believable!

  5. Its a free world, people have different opinions and that's OK.
    The fact that i made myself watch this movie proves how open minded i was cumming into this.
    Its hard to judge Sharon Stones performance when the entire film doesn't worth the time.