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Amber Heard 3 Days to Kill
Amber Heard as Vivi
In the last few years Kevin Costner's career was in a pickle. Costner disappeared from the mainstream movie scenery for a long time, doing small and unimportant films in the last decade. The middle aged actor struggled to find roles that fitted his age, until last year (appearing in Man of Steel 2013). in 3 Days to Kill we saw the glorified actor finally find a character that fitted him like a glove.

In 3 Days to Kill Costner is a middle aged CIA agent who is diagnosed with cancer. After the deadly decease strikes at the most inappropriate time and causes Costner's character to fail the important mission to take out the bad guy - The Wolf: Ethan Renner (Costner) gets hit passes out in a critical moment screws up the entire operation and is forced to retire from the CIA. Ethan Renner decides to get his last things in order prior to leaving this world, he decides that he needs to make things right with his teenage daughter whom he sees rarely, achieving this goal would be a lot more difficult than he initially imagined.
Video: 3 Days to Kill Movie Trailer Kevin Costner and Amber Heard are CIA agents that hunt for the wolf in 3 Days to Kill

Renner struggles reconnecting with his daughter, although he manages to find cracks in her defensive shield and he manages to rebuild a trust with his kid, the process is slow and agonizing but it has its moments. while Ethan is struggling with his teenager, an opportunity presents itself for the middle aged agent to do what he does best, work for the CIA once again. This time he is helping a dangerous, disturbing and very sexy CIA handler (Amber Heard) catching The wolf, the guy who slipped from Ethan Renner's hands in his last mission for the company.

Costner manages to juggle all 3 women in his life: reconnect with his daughter- Zooey, patch things up and get together with his wife / ex-wife Christine (Connie Nielsen) and walk the thin line of not sleeping with his new twisted handler Vivi. in addition to way too many obvious women problems for a man to handle Ethan Renner had to deal with a family of African immigrants that crashed at his place out of nowhere.
Like I mentioned in the beginning of this 3 Days to Kill Movie Review Kevin Costner finally found his spot in Hollywood today. The 2 main stars of the film Kevin Costner and Amber Heard gave a good performance while Connie Nielsen didn't do nothing special wasn't really remember able and at times gave a stiff performance.

The film had Luc Besson's signature all over it, like the car chases and some fight choreography style. in addition to the seriousness of a thriller there were comical sequences that gave the film a lighter feel to it. The scenes with the girly bike lightened the atmosphere every time. The scenes between Ethan and Vivi where tense. Sometimes it was even confusing (in a good way) you couldn't figure out what is going to happen between those two, are they going to hook up or kill each other. Either way every scene between those two had a lot of sarcastic humor that made me smile in the end.
3 Days to Kill is a fun film and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to enjoy a good Thriller with a lot of comical sarcastic humor in it. if you are a Kevin Costner fan you would be happy to see Costner shine once again.

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  2. As long as you know what you are getting into you will find a way to enjoy 3 Days to Kill