Robocop 2014 Review

When it was announced that we are about to get a reboot to the 1987 Robocop I didn’t really know how to take it. On one had you got yourself a great material that was a huge success in the past and on the other hand what exactly can you do with it now days.
Robocop with Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson and Michael Keaton
Robocop 2014
Not like other people watching this film I had a clean slate and was ready to be amazed and in the same time I was expecting it to be average like every other action film. Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson and Michael Keaton were the biggest names in the film while the supposed hero of the film Alex Murphy / Robocop was an unknown (Joel Kinnaman). Robocop's production team stacked the cast with high profile calibers like Oldman and Keaton that they allowed themselves to cast an unknown to a high profile role like Robocop, on paper it seemed like an OK idea but did it work? Not really.

Half of the film was a dreadful and long exposition of Alex Murphy's accident how he became Robocop and the never ending training and software fixes from which I had a really big headache. one moment he is Alex Murphy a second later he has a glitch and becomes less human another 10 minutes pass and Murphy is not a human anymore he is in full mode robot now, and then he overrides the system and he is all human again ... anyway you get the point. I didn’t really know how to take in the first half of the film because on one hand you get a very long but very deep exposition explaining how Robocop became Robocop we saw in the 1987 version of the film. on the other hand it seemed to be taking a lot of movie time leaving us wondering what will we get to see after half of the time was burned on the exposition.

The 2nd part of the film was very frustrating. Everything that happened just didn’t seem to be important. The scene with killing the villain Antoine Vallon was supposed to be the climax but it didn’t because it didn’t feel like a climax. The arrest of the corrupt cops was supposed to close the film but it didn’t because the major villain was still on the loose. Than we get to the Raymond Sellars scene in the end and this thing was just horrible, so much needless talk. And then when everything is lost Robo overcomes the odes and shut downs taking Sellars with him. This thing just seemed to be a weak finale to the film. The problem is that the 2nd half of the film didn’t seem like picking up the needed passé, the plot was taking our hero to so many different places that Robocop himself would get confused if he wasn’t a robot.

Thinking about this rebooted version of Robocop, it will always be remembered as a missed opportunity to get a great film to the public, although it had most of the elements to succeed. I didn’t suffer watching the film but I noticed its many problems and it wasn’t as fun as it was supposed to be. If you want to see a few decent action scenes (they were not many and not that great) than go watch the film if you want something in addition you will not get it in this 2014 rebooted version of Robocop. So the choice is yours. Another thing that was bugging me about the film was: I doubt it if i was the only one that noticed that whoever wrote the script for the first and last scenes of the film tried to express his liberal political views by slamming the US government and the US people? - thats a big No No in an action film. If you decide to go for the film there is an Amazon link to the DVD so have fun.

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  1. Dreadful film but sort of fun to watch.

  2. It was OK but nothing to remember, I will probably forget all about it tomorrow.