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Finally yesterday I got to check out The Last Ship pilot after I had the episode for a while. the reason I had it and didn't watch it was because I had little faith in the show of becoming something more than 1 season flop. the trailer was not really promising and beside Rhona Mitra there was nothing in this show I wanted to see. The trailer was weak at best and was the main reason for my "excitement".
the last ship on tnt with Rhona Mitra
TNT's The Last Ship
after I was stuck in a situation when the Last Ship's Pilot episode was my last resort I had no choice but to check it out. the expectation where at all time low and that is the best place to be in watching a show like The Last Ship especially when it is about to positively surprise you.

don't get me wrong this is no masterpiece, not even close. The Last Ship has its considerably big action star Rhona Mitra it has a pretty boy blue eyed captain (Eric Dane) that seems to be on top of things you got yourself another familiar face like Adam Baldwin who is acting as Dane's sidekick and most of all the show has an interesting apocalyptic angle. the question is what The Last Ship writers are going to do with the show as it goes forward.
Video: The Last Ship Trailer Rhona Mitra is trying to find a cure on The Last Ship

The pilot episode seemed to be straight on point introducing the main players, giving us a clue about the rest of the unimportant characters (that may become important), having a good flow of events and an excellent finish. now we will have to see whether Rhona Mitra can turn The Last Ship into a show that will reach its second season, she will need to have help to reach that goal because with all the positives that were said in this The Last Ship Pilot Review. The show is good but not great, the potential that The Last Ship has is not overwhelming like the really big shows we got on TV but it passes my time in an enjoyable way.

The Last Ship has a lot of similar elements to The Last Resort, let's just hope it's not going to end like The Last Resort.

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The Last Ship: Phase Six / Falling Skies: Ghost in the Machine [HD]

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