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I will have to admit, I didn't really want to see Divergent. From the trailer I got a feeling that this is going to be some cheap copy of the Hunger Games molded into freaking Twilight, only without the vampires. Like most readers of this blog remember I really hated Twilight. I guess from this point my expectations were not really high for this film, only after a couple of friends of my asked me if I saw Divergent? My immediate reaction was no, why would I watch it. Divergent just didn’t look appealing enough. But I was in minority and they convinced me to check it out because it was pretty good and those guys rarely like the movies this days. So I had no choice, I needed to see what’s all the fuss was all about.
Tris and Four
I will be honest Shailene Woodley (Tris) and Theo James (Four) didn’t make a great impression on me at least not from the trailer nor the beginning of the film. Shailene Woodley looked like a cute girl but she didn’t look like she was made from a super hero material the same could be said about Theo James, it seemed like he didn’t had the mass of being this super badass, warrior instructor. On the other hand the rest of the cast were definitely interesting site to watch: Jai Courtney, Ray Stevenson, Maggie Q and even Kate Winslet, although the last was never my favorite.
Video: Divergent Trailer Shailene Woodley and Theo James rock in Divergent

I mentioned above that the two main heroes of the film Tris and Four didn’t had what it takes to be and look like a typical hero. On the other hand the entire film was built in a strange balance of elements that didn’t categorize the film in one certain genre and made those two blend right in. The beauty about Divergent was that it had small doses of: Action, Sci-Fi, Drama, Romance and even some Martial arts. Divergent's biggest success was balance all those elements in the film making it a great movie to watch for most of the viewers. Even the star power that the main heroes seemed to lack disappeared as the movie progressed forward and the viewer started to care for those characters. It was fascinating to follow our two heroes as they introduce their post apocalyptic world with its strange rules and customs. While in the back of the head it was always itching to know what exactly is there behind the wall, and are we going to find out more in the next film.

We already know that there are 3 more sequels planned for the future actually Insurgent Is currently filmed. The fact that we were left with sort of an open ending to Divergent promises a lot for the future and its sequels.

In cases like this it is always great to be wrong, I’m glad I got to see Divergent. The film has some similarities to the Hunger Games and thank got it got nothing to do with Twilight. There for Divergent is definitely a cool movie to catch, and you should check it out as soon as possible (there is an Amazon link bellow).

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  1. I agree with your assessment.
    I liked it, as a production & a movie. Wasn't that impressed with the stars. I'm sure they'll do better.

  2. Both stars were not great but the movie compensated