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The first time I encountered Wolves was a trailer that Screen Rant shared on their FB wall. First impression was a sort of ambivalent one. On one hand you have Werewolves; I have a weakness for the genre no matter what it is whether its Werewolves or vampires I need to see it no matter how bad it is (not saying this film was bad). On the other hand the lead seemed to be too good for the role; the guy looked too clean like a boy scout. Eventually what shifted the balance was Jason Momoa as the villainous werewolf.
Trailer: Wolves Jason Momoa is a bad ass wolf

I'll have to state right here and right now Wolves was not a masterpiece. Like I mentioned above the lead actor who was playing Cayden (Lucas Till) was not your typical Werewolf and it was difficult to get used to him in this clean look that he had in the film. As the film progressed Till grew on you and he wasn't making too much damage. The reason I noticed this film was Jason Momoa who did a decent job in this film. Momoa in general is a terrible actor, but when the attention is shifted from him to somebody else Momoa can shine as the bad ass villain. This was the case in Wolves, Bullet to the head and in Game of thrones. Momoa doesn't have to speak much or do anything for the matter; his intimidating presence does the job for him. This film was supposed to put Lucas Till in the spot line but Till didn't had the presence unlike Momoa who was the front man of the film although having a lot less screen time.

One of the things I liked about this film was the fact that it was simple, it had simple plot and it didn't try to be sophisticated. Wolves didn't hold back in terms of blood, gore and brutality in general. It had a few nice metal soundtracks that we heard through the film. In a way this werewolf film tried to distance itself from the mainstream. It had few girls with pretty faces and a few descent fight scenes. Don't get me wrong the twist in the end was not necessary. It seemed that the writers tried to come out making everyone involved look way too good, that was a mistake in my mind. Momoa's final death speech looked horrible trying to gain sympathy from the audience, why not leave him villainous as he was throughout the film? Why degrade him to this pathetic state?
Wolves 2014 was fun, at least most of the time. Sure there were few stupid stuff but what movie with Jason Momoa doesn't. If you like werewolves you should check Wolves out. The film is a fun experience when you know exactly what are you getting into.

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Rating: 2.8 / 5 Stars

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