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It's been a while since Syfy created a decent TV show that can be called watchable. Actually ever since Battlestar Gallactica finished its run we didn't see something that can be called good or even decent. Previously we encountered Defiance which we barely survived its first season while the second was too big of a request. Another show that made a great first impression was Helix but it was only a mirage and we quit on the show after 4 episodes. Ascesion is a completely different story. 
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The first part of the miniseries presented to us an interesting idea where a group of people are traveling in space for about 50 years already, attempting to reach a very complicated goal. Only in episode 2 we discover the truth about Ascesion, about the ship and who is really running the show. We still don't know why this project was created but we do see the small glimpses of a result. We don't really understood how did  Harris Enzmann (Gil Bellows) and his team managed to turn the little girl to what she was, we only knew that they failed with the previous subject and they would not make that mistake again.
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The entire show circled around the fate of the crew of Ascesion lead by The perfect duo of Captain William Denniger (Brian Van Holt) and  Viondra Denniger (Tricia Helfer) who presented us with a something we didn't see before. From first glance you would think that this perfect duo are both boy scouts, but as the show progressed you discovered flowed individuals (mostly Captain William Denniger) that will do anything to maintain their position of power, and when I say anything its mostly Viondra Denniger who chose to sacrifice her body to maintain power for the golden couple. Ascesion focused on the daily life of the crew and presented us with a unique hierarchy, where the powerful have their political intrigues and fight for power which allows them to control their faiths while the weak live in the lower decks and struggle.
Bellows, Van Holt and Helfer gathered around themselves the rest of the characters in the story. There is nothing bad that can be said about the supporting cast but on the other hand the trio was so dominant that the rest of the cast could be easily forgotten.

We all loved Battlestar Gallactica and this Syfy show had some glimpses of brilliants in it that the previous show had plenty of. I'm not talking about Tricia Helfer who appeared in both shows, I'm talking about the fact that Syfy finally returned to the formula that worked perfectly before. Unfortunately this was a short miniseries and we don't know what's going to happen with it next. Let's just hope that Syfy learned a great lesson from Ascesion, stick to what you are good at and don't create pathetic TV like you did in the last few years (Bitten and Z nation).

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