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Forced to Fight 2011

To tell you the truth I didn't really plan on watching this Forced to Fight movie, because ...  those kind of low budget films are not something that is fun to watch anymore, they are just bad.

The only reason I decided to watch this movie was Gary Daniels. I haven’t seen any Gary Daniels movies where he plays the lead role for a long time. I saw him in Stallone’s The Expendables from 2010 but other than that … nada. 

After checking out the IMDB I saw that Daniels was busy, he was doing movies in his regular tempo but like I mentioned before the genre of fighting movies that Gary Daniels and many others made their living in the 80’s and the 90’s got really bad in recent years.

Forced to Fight started OK. I can even call it average at times, the introduction of the brother (Scotty) and Sean’s family was good, the training / fighting scenes at the beginning of the movie were OK.

Towards the first hour, maybe even before I started to lose interest in the Forced to Fight movie. Maybe it was the bad acting of Daniels (i should have got used to that) or the ridiculously out of shape and horribly fat opponents Gary Daniels had to face in the fights. i guess both reasons made the double impact.

Those fat guys being in the movie is the proof for a sloppy casting, but even when you do have those fat guys. You can use them in the training scenes not use them in the official fights, it makes the fight scenes look bad. 

Another bad move was killing the brother. Actually let me rephrase myself, it wasn't a bad move but it was poorly executed. Scotty comes to chat with Danny G (why?!?!? god knows. Maybe to get killed for the sake of the plot) and Danny G shoots him, just like that. The conflict between Daniels and Danny G that followed was bad. Worse than that was Daniels opponent “Dracul The Killer”. That guy was fat and ugly. This is your undefeated boss, give me a break. Add to that the only line that Dracul had in the movie was mumbled in a heavy Romanian accent which sounded like "Bla Bla KILL YOU Bla".

This movie wasn't good. The end was poorly done and the second part of the film was hard to watch. If you really want to hurt yourself watch Forced to Fight, if not then choose something better to do with your free time, because Forced to Fight is not a Cool Movie.

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