Jack The Giant Slayer Review: Children's Tale

Is it Slayer or a Killer?

I don't even know why I bother watching those Fairy Tales adaptations to the big screen. Jack The Giant Slayer (or is it Jack the giant Killer) didn't have nothing special to offer, at least nothing we have not seen before. Sure it had average CGI tricks with great visual scenery but other than that there was nothing to be exited with.

The plot was mediocre at best; there was no chemistry between Jack (Nicholas Hoult) and the princes Isabelle (Eleanor Tomlinson). The artificial romance between the two wouldn't excite a fly not talking about a fully mature audience. At times it was even hard to watch from all the cheesy and stereotypical Hollywood scripts. 
I have not talked yet about the costumes. Those looked completely ridicules with their bright and flashy colors that fitted more the circus and not a Hollywood production that cost close to 200 million dollars to make.
The scene with the sleeping giant guarding the exit was not necessary. They could just climb down without killing the giant they made that fiasco just to try and being funny. 

Nicholas Hoult didn’t have a good performance in Jack the Giant Slayer. It felt like somebody forced him to participate in this and Hoult didn’t have any choice. I liked him a lot better in Warm Bodies at least there he was funny. In Jack the Giant Slayer he was ridiculously boring and cheesy.

Like I mentioned in the first paragraph initially I didn't get why they changed the name of the movie from Jack The Giant Killer to Jack The Giant Slayer. After a while it was obvious they were targeting a children audience and the word Slayer sounds a lot more "Delicate" that killer.

I'm sorry, but if you cast Eddie Marsan as a bad ass knight. In this Jack the Giant Slayer movie adaptation than you are marking fun of yourself and your movie becomes a walking talking joke. 

I really tried liking this movie but come on even I have boundaries. I guess I grew up a little since liking garbage like that.  The movie felt boring and mostly childish. If you ask some 9 year old kid what he thought about Jack the Giant Killer / Slayer he will say it was the coolest movie of the year. If you ask an average 30 year old he will say it wasn’t worth wasting 200 million of studious money that was spent on the ridicules costumes and it was definitely wasn't worth my money watching this Children's Tale

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