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Season 1 Review

One of the new TV shows that caught my eye this fall season was Arrow.
Arrow - The Green Archer

Arrow - The Green Archer (Photo credit: kaorukimura)
From the moment I saw the trailer I knew that this is looking very good, and it is something that is worth checking out.

Starting from the first episode you could see that there was a lot of money invested in Arrow by CW. The special effects / fight scenes were very well done, to the point you are watching a movie with a 100 million budget.

The plot was intriguing at least parts of it. The main story of Arrow describes a rich, spoiled party boy who gets shipwrecked in a middle of nowhere. He reaches a mysterious island where ... well we don't really know what exactly happened to him on the island but every episode we receive a small glimpse to the events that occur on that mysterious island and how those events changed and shaped Oliver Queen into the Arrow we see today. The main plot is ... good but not great, those small glimpses to the island keep me glued to the screen every time a new Arrow episode is released. Those island scenes are excellent. The creators of the show somehow managed to find the right amount of flashbacks (there is not many of them but they do the job) in every episode in order that the audience will be addicted to discover what really happened to Oliver on that Island.

The only problem I have with the show is Oliver Queen's personality or to be more accurate is his beliefs system. I understand that the producers/writers of Arrow wanted to emphasize the massive change that Oliver Queen had to go through. Unfortunately the final outcome of that change was completely detached from reality. The guy returns home after he was stuck on an island for 5 years and the only thing he wants to do is take out the bad guys that "pollute the city", that’s just doesn’t sound logical to me. He doesn’t want to spend time with his family, his friend, his ex girlfriend or get a new one (the dude didn’t do a woman for 5 years) or just enjoy life. The guy is loaded with cash, he can do and get whatever he wants, but he just wants to fight crime. Punish the rich, because as the show portrays them, they are the source of all evil. Let me enlighten you Oliver you are rich too so stop feeling sorry for your family’s financial success, man up and stop being such self riches douche. The thing I dislike the most in people is that guilt that some of them carry because they are successful compared to others who are not.

Arrow CW trailer

Overall the fight scenes are very good, the plot is slightly above average, with a lot of holes in it but I try to ignore them and focus on the positive issues that Arrow offers (the flashbacks like I mentioned before) and at the end the positive overcome the negative. The show started as a Cool TV Show but lost its uniqueness as the plot progressed (it became a generic drama) but the creators of Arrow spotted the problem in time and brought in Slade Wilson (Manu Bennett) and since, Arrow returned to its greatness once again. They even had an episode which consisted ~ 80% of Oliver's Island flashbacks with Slade Wilson, something I liked a lot. Unfortunately towards the end Arrow started to lose it again and not even Manu Bennett or the Chinese chick (Yao Fei's daughter) managed to help and save the day.

The final episode brought with it a high bar of expectation but turned up to be cheesy and ridicules most of the time. The fight scene between the Arrow and Malcolm on the roof looked viciously stunning but it was too short and the ending was mighty disappointing. It ended on a cliff hanger with couple of the main characters dead and some characters fate is unclear. Arrow's season 2 is going to be a big question mark but we will have to wait and see.
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