Top 10 Movie Franchises: # 10 Alien

Alien Franchise

Alien (creature in Alien franchise)
Alien (creature in Alien franchise) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Alien started as one of the scariest franchises I had ever encountered. The first time I saw Alien from 1979 I almost pissed myself (I was a kid at the time). Alien was one of the scariest movie experiences I had ever encountered. 
The second movie in the series was Aliens from 1986 and that was one of the best action movies I had ever seen.
I would recommend Aliens to every action fan and I guarantee he / she will not be disappointed with the outcome. 
Alien 3 from 1992 was a major disappointment for me, it just didn’t deliver, or I didn’t really get this movie. It was somehow to grey and had no clear point of origin.  
Alien Resurrection from 1997 was a fun movie to watch it was ridicules at times but nothing more than that. The movie itself managed to pass the time in an enjoyable environment but only if you came to watch this movie with a fun attitude. 

Prometheus from 2012 was not as good as the rest of the movies in the Alien franchise. The transformation from Alien to Prometheus didn't go too smooth. Prometheus's creators tried to hard to distance Prometheus from the Alien franchise and they forgot to make a cool movie in the process. I don't think that there are too many people that liked Prometheus.

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