Top 10 Movie Franchises: # 5 Batman

Batman Franchise

Batman is one of my favorite comic’s so it is natural that this Batman franchise will be in this Top 10 list. 
The first two batman movies: Batman from 1989 and Batman Returns from 1992 with Michael Keaton were very good for the time. They brought this dark needed atmosphere to the franchise. Batman Forever with Val Kilmer was a bit over the top and was too flashy for my taste but it was still entertaining. 

Batman & Robin from 1997 on the other hand was an abortion and to this day Batman & Robin is the worst movie I ever saw (that says a lot because I saw a lot of crappy movies in my time). I didn’t really know if I can include Halley Bary's Catwoman from 2004 in this section but I will anyway. I will just state that I don’t really remember it much and if it was forgettable than it wasn’t any good. 

Christopher Nolan’s Trilogy Batman Begins from 2005, The Dark Knight from 2008 and The Dark Knight Rises from 2012 on the other hand were just pure gold. The last trilogy is probably the best transformation of a comic’s story to the big screen. i doubt if somebody will be able to top Christopher Nolan's trilogy.

The Dark Knight - Joker
The Dark Knight - Joker

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