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This second season of Banshee returned without any hype or any extensive advertisement. I don't know if that was the intention of Cinemax or was it because of the relatively small size of the network itself. Either way it didn't really matter because Banshee in its first season managed to catch the eyes of the viewers, the people who got addicted to the first season were coming back for season 2 no question asked.
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Banshee s second season was not as bloody and brutal as season one, sure there were plenty of physical confrontations, but they were not as shocking as much. The sex volume remained pretty much the same and it was a pleasure to follow the faiths of Hood ,Anna , Proctor and the rest of the fresh characters we got introduced during season 1.

Like I mentioned before in Banshee season 2 the violence was presented in smaller dosages compared to season 1. The problem that the quality of the show suffered from it. It wasn't as high paced season as it was last year and still Banshee's season 2 remained one of the best shows on TV. During season two we got a few episodes that were not as exciting as the rest. Those episodes were more of character development but you couldn't ignore your gut feeling telling you that somebody out there is trying to kill time to reach seasons finale.

Most of the positives we got to see in season two were in the middle of the season, with The Huge Indian (Chayton Littlestone) and Emmett Vs. the White supremacists group. also Hoods kid storyline seemed interesting but ended unexpectedly and way too simple as if it was done to create a conflict between Hood and Proctor. I don't mind seeing Proctor and Hood go head to head but the entire thing felt rushed and not planned well. 
The story line that featured Alex Longshadow,  Proctor and Hood was not as exciting as it could have been. The same can be said about the Anna character. The moment she disconnected romantically from Hood everything that got to do with her seemed not as exciting anymore. On the other hand it was nice to see Rebecca get her hands dirty in the family business and therefore her actions where unpredictable at times. It was interesting to see Siobhan Kelly get more screen time while her storyline with Hood looks to be interesting just to see where it goes from here.

We didn't get the confrontation we wanted to see in season finale. it was a lot more modest (like the entire season). Rabit's final exit was very disappointing. The same can be said about the entire final shootout scene, and still the cliff hangers of the season with Emmett and his wife and whatever happens to the Huge Indian in season 3 is something that is definitely worth waiting for.

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