Agents of SHIELD S01e15 Review

 Agents of SHIELD Episode 15 - Lady Sif

If you remember from my previous posts regarding Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD I never considered this ABC show as a show that deserved all the hype that surrounded it. Agents of SHIELD is an average at best and even that is an understatement. Until this point Coulson and Melinda May were the only characters in the show that managed to generate some sort of excitement out of the show’s viewers. 
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The rest of the main characters in Agents of SHIELD whether it's the regular cast or the supporting characters that appeared every once in a while were made to look boring and unimportant. 
There are times when no meter how hard you want the show to succeed, something is missing and it just doesn't work. Lucky for us I'm not the only one that saw the flaws in the beginning of the season and ABC themselves thought really hard how they can improve the show. They improved the story, something that made the show a bit more fluent. ABC brought in Bill Paxton to help generating some kind of a reaction out of the audience. But it seemed too little and too late, regardless it was a nice try.
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One of my biggest complains about Agents of SHIELD was that it was completely detached from the cinematic universe that Marvell created, no matter how hard the show’s creators tried to link the two. Agents of SHIELD looked like a poor TV copy for the Marvel movies. I know that it's unfair comparing Agents of SHIELD to the movies but that's how it feels. The movies had so many of our favorite superheroes while Agents of SHIELD presented us with mostly boring regular cast and a second rate super villains, and even they appeared rarely.

Agents of SHIELD Episode 15 presented us something different that we didn't see in the first 14 episodes of the show, they gave us Lady Sif. I know that you can say we saw Nick Fury and Maria Hill in the show before but Hill and Fury appeared each in one scene while Lady Sif had an entire episode dedicated to her. 

Lady Sif is not as important of a character in the Marvel’s Universe but I liked seeing her in the Thor films. Jaimie Alexander has this kind on an aura over her making her and her Lady Sif character so much bigger than it initially is. That way the show only gained from her appearance and for the first time I was actually waiting for this episode to air in order to see Lady Sif integrate in the show. 

Alexander made a supporting character like Lady Sif important in the Thor  films, that is why so many people were excited seeing her on Agents of SHIELD. This is an important lesson that the show’s creators need to learn. You need to make your characters look important, so that your audience will care for them. Without it, It is going to be very hard for this show to stick around. After all you cannot bring in characters from the Marvel movies in every episode. I bet they had to do a lot of begging to Jaimie Alexander just to appear in one episode of the show. It would be great seeing Lady Sif or any other character from the Marvel films in the future and maybe we will see them every once in a while but we are not going to get it in every episode. Lady Sif was a one time fix that Agents of SHIELD badly needed. Let’s hope that Lady Sif put Agents of SHIELD on the right path and from now on we will see quality episodes from the show.

Don’t get me wrong this entire episode was not great. The regular cast were boring as usual and the most important fight scene was pretty bad as well, the one between Lady Sif and Lorelei (Ward Vs. May was decent). Still Jaimie Alexander’s Lady Sif made this episode stand out, making it one of the better episodes in this season (and that says a lot about this show). The new details regarding the regular cast that were discovered in this episode helped Agents of SHIELD to build needed momentum, now we have to see whether the show keeps improving or delve in mediocrity like it did in the first 13 episodes of the show.

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  1. Haven't watched any of them because it didn't seem to have any potential. However; I do like Bill Paxton.

  2. It still doesn’t.
    I don’t even know why I watched it; the entire season was mostly bad. The episode with Bill Paxton was an improvement and it was nice seeing Jaimie Alexander as Lady Sif. Other than that most of it was forgettable.
    I really don’t recommend watching this show, the only reason I’m watching is that I want it to end. There are nice surprises every once in a while (Sif and season finale should be good because it will be connected to Captain America 2) but mostly it’s just bad.