Twilight saga review - the worst saga ever

Twilight saga review (let me give you a small guess - it sucks)

I can’t believe I’m writing this review. I’m really ashamed because it confirms the horrible fact ... I watched the Twilight movies. I can’t believe I said that out loud.

Twilight sucks
Twilight sucks (Photo credit: KindredCoda)
Everything started on the winter of … I think it was 2008 or whenever the first of those damn movies was released.
I went to a first date with my future to be wife. I didn't prepare for the date properly, it was a last moment thing. That is why I didn't know what was running at the cinema. We got to the movies and there is nothing, and i mean really nothing interesting to watch. After a long staring competition between us and the huge movie posters my date spots this Twilight poster, and asks me “Do you want to watch this, it looks nice”. I didn't know what i know now about this Twilight thing (Twilight sucks). I saw vampires and immediately imagined it to be like Underworld. My god, how huge was my mistake. It does blaspheme comparing the two or even mentioning the two in one sentence.

Any way after me and my date finished watching that first of too many Twilight movies. Not surprisingly she loved it, of course she did. She is a woman they tend to like all kinds of stupid crap, this was no different. I on the other hand regretted the moment I agreed on watching it.

I have a major problematic issue regarding watching movies with sequels. The problem is: if I start watching a movie that has a sequel I have to finish watching the entire franchise no matter how bad the sequels are. Unfortunately I couldn't stop it and it kicked in like it always does regardless the fact that Twilight sucks.

So I watched all the Twilight movies. Crap, I said it again.
It was very painful (what can I say, I’m a masochist), boring and most of all very stupid. I can’t understand how all the teenage girls watch that bullshit, and go nuts every time they see the pail vamp and the emotionless girl together. 

The entire series of twilight movies was a major waste of time, except the last fight scene in the last movie. You probably think to yourselves "wow he just said a positive thing about Twilight", not so fast guys. Even that scene production / writers  (or who ever wrote those books) managed to ruin by (Spoiler Alert) stating the fact that it was all a dream and nobody gets killed. That’s a total bummer, I wanted them all dead.

Anyway the fight scene itself was kind of ... good, they took their time with it and that was made to look very good. The action in the scene itself was excellent. So if you are thinking to yourselves "Should I or shouldn't I watch the Twilight movies?" my initial answer would be HELL NO

The Twilight saga: Twilight, Eclipse, New Moon and Breaking Dawn both parts, they all suck. It’s not a Cool saga of movies, the Twilight Saga Sucks but like I mentioned before the only positive thing about the Twilight movies is the last fight scene in the last movie Breaking Dawn part two. So if you skip the entire Twilight Saga (all five movies) and fast forward to the final fight scene than you will enjoy your Twilight experience.

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