The Slow Downfall of Michael Jai White

In the previous decade Michael Jai White was featured in a lot if high focus action films the mainstream audience mainly remembers him from Spawn. Unlike other action stars of our time who are physically falling apart in their 60s and 50s Michael Jai White is not, it seems that he could have a bright future because he got a lot bigger I don't know if it's steroids or really consistent and harsh workout environment either way the years only helped him to become an even bigger beast than he was in the past.

Let's admit it all of our beloved action stars lack the ability to act but the ones that manage to perform beyond average and have a presence on the screen, win the jackpot and remembered for eternity. Michael Jai White is not in that category, you could say that unlike all the other action stars he is in his prime but something went wrong and nowadays he is featured in films like Falcon Rising. Why is that? From what we see like most action stars Michael Jai White is not Oscar nominee material in most of his movies he has little to say and when he does speak he try's being believable but sometimes he just isn't. From martial arts stand of view he got everything an action star needs, he got the size, agility (although he rarely showcases it), credibility and most importantly a bad ass look. His biggest problem today is the fact that the big studious don't believe in him and won't let him his big break at the mainstream once again, the proof of that was the recent talk about a Spawn reboot featuring Jaime Foxx, yea you heard me right, Jaime Freaking Foxx. 
The guy who was a pure shit in most of his recent films, Spiderman 2 serving as the jewel in that pile of crap. Although Michael Jai White was excellent on Blood and Bone a few years back he still doesn't get the break he deserves. That is unfortunate because in this situation we are forced to watch those bad films his featured in this days.

This was supposed to be originally a Falcon Rising movie review but because the film was a pure garbage and doesn't really deserve a review post it turned to be a Michael Jai White post. we will try to review Falcon Rising in the next few days but we can’t promise anything, it was a pain watching this film and it will be an even bigger pain writing the review.

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