The Walking Dead Mid Season 5 Review - Whats Next ?

If you are following Cool Reviews Rule for a while you probably already know that the Walking Dead is one of our beloved shows at this time. In our previous reviews of the past seasons there was nothing negative that could be said about the show. It seemed that no matter what TWD creators did turn to gold. But last season there was a change to the worse, the second part of season 4 was slow, weak and had a strange but still solid finale. This season opened up with one of the strongest episodes the show has ever had but just like we had at the 2nd part of season 4 we had the same slowdown towards the mid season 5 finale.
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The entire hospital angle was not really interesting and all the small talk Beth had to participate in during her stay with Dawn and the rest of the cops was a pure waste of time. Beth was never an important character in the show from the beginning, so dedicating an entire episode and part of the major plot to her character was a sure miss and that exactly what happened. The final outcome of saving the world with Eugene was somehow expected, after all the show never tried to present a bigger picture of the situation of what happened in TWD world or how it can be fixed. The closure on the saving the world dream was somehow a statement by TWD writers to all those people who tried to over-think the situation and resolve it. The beauty of The Walking Dead is on the micro level, never trying to be or resolve what it can't.
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Now after we reached the middle of season 5, the show can go anywhere. All the questions were answered, there are no open issues left, the group is assembled, and it's like a clean slate. The cannibal angle was finished in the beginning of the season, the hospital issue seems like it's closed. So where do we go now is up for the creative team to decide. The question is whether they can come up with something fresh because the show is starting to lose momentum.

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