Why the Arrow is Great + Mid Season 3 Finale Thoughts

Ever since the Arrow aired on CW (about 2+ years ago) the show became one of those shows that I never miss. not only that but currently it is in my top 2, I know that it’s not really a big compliment basing on the horrible state of TV at least at this time of the year but still it’s something.

The arrow has a great formula which worked for the show so far. Oliver Queen has a blank spot of 5 years which is revealed to the audience in very small dosages. Those small dosages make all the fans of the show come back just to see what else lays in the dark past of Oliver Queen. In addition to the great mystery of the past the show has a lot of characters that support the arrow himself. Although there are plenty of cheesy moments attached to them, they have a great story to tell because each of them is interesting enough to watch and see where they develop next. The great thing you can do with a lot of good characters is acknowledge that there are too many of them and you can’t use them all as much as you can. We saw that happening with Laurel Lance who was put on a slow burner last season and we see the same thing with Thea and Roy this season. The beauty of it is that this goes in a rotation mode and the characters come back to shine in the future (next season or 2nd part of the current season) as they did before.
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The Arrow cast
One of the most important elements that the show has to offer is the fact that all of the events seem to be planned ahead, everything is calculated. Scenes that seemed to look like time fillers in the early stages of the show turn to be shifting elements that help the supporting characters in the future as they continue developing. Another positive the arrow has that most other shows  that currently run on TV don’t is the finale, most of Arrow’s episodes have a strong cliff hanger that makes the regular viewers of the show come back for more each and every time again. I’m not even talking about the mid season or season finale episodes, I’m talking about the regular episodes that build to those great finales. Most shows don’t do that these days.
Video: Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler Season 3 Episode 10 Promo "Left Behind" Arrow S03E10 Preview - If you didnt see the mid season finale you shouldn't watch this promo
The current mid season finale is the most shocking of them all. Sarah's killer revelation could have hold as a season finale and still it was revealed in the first third of the episode. This was definitely an interesting angle that will create deadly fallout in the next episodes of the show. But the most important news that arrow brought in its mid season finale was what happened in the end. We already saw in other TV Shows substantial characters die as the mid season finale took its global toll (Beth's Death in TWD) but what we had witnessed in the end of episode 9 of the Arrow was a completely different thing. There are few shows that allow themselves to take a risk and do what Arrows creators have done the question is how do they recover from it. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe for one second that the man who fell of the mountain is dead. The question is how the writers will and creators of the show will explain his survival, Arrows writers didn’t disappoint me so far, this will be a very hard thing to explain to sound logical (the guy took a sword to the kidney) and I personally can’t wait for Arrow to return to see what happens next.

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