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Every once in a while I force myself watching this second rate films, this time it was Falcon Rising. For a while now I was holding myself not watching all the 2nd rate garbage that was out there on DVD, considering that the last time I made myself watch something like this was Battle of the Damned with Dolph Lundgren back in late 2013, I would say it’s an accomplishment on my side.
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The film itself was nothing that can be called special it was a typical B movie that was going straight to DVD. Michael Jai White plays a war veteran that has major war issues and suffers from a trauma caused by the war in Afghanistan / Iraq or wherever he fought (it’s not important so it’s not the issue). John 'Falcon' Chapman (Michael Jai White) solution for his ongoing nightmares is drinking himself to death and working himself to ... let’s say becoming an even bigger beast than he already is. The moment Chapman's sister arrives to town (apparently for one day only) we see that both characters supposed to act as close siblings (on screen it looked pathetically kitschy and a pure waste of time). The reason we got to see the sister was in order to see our hero kick some major ass as the story continued, but as long as the sister took crucial screen time it was a painful process to endure.  When the did was done and the sister was out of commission in Brazil it wasn’t really hard to point to the obvious villains of the film. All attempts forcing the audience to change the initial opinion by bringing the Brazilian Yakuza into the mix were a cheap and ineffective way to shift that focus.

One of the best scenes of the film was the most frustrating in the same time. When Chapman confronted the local drug dealers and practically moped the floor with them (it’s a pleasure to watch Michael Jai White do his thing), the entire scene was completely ruined by the annoying lady cop who turned the event into a pretty bad soap opera wining material. The sad thing about the entire thing was making the drug dealers look as the good guys in all this mess.
Video: Falcon Rising Full Fight Scenes This is the only scenes that are worth watching from Falcon Rising
The best scene of the entire film was as expected in the end when our hero faced his three villains in the same time. This was a good move from the directors/writers point of view because 3 of the villain’s didn’t look as really intimidating especially when the guy who they are supposed to fight looks like a walking talking mountain.

Those 2 scenes were the most important thing you should know about this film because everything else felt like filler. They just tried to burn off 90 minutes of film attempting to generate a futile drama which couldn’t emotionally move an addicted drama Quinn, not even the children molesting angle generated the expecting emotion, and that is typical with films of this sort.

The bottom line is you shouldn’t watch Falcon Rising, I’m just sorry for Michael Jai White that has to do this 2nd rate b films because he deserves so much better than this.

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