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For years now marvel was and still is very successful in the theaters, it didn't really matter how good, bad or clichéd their movies are. They always make enough money to come back the next year and do it all over again. 
Hayley Atwell as agent carter
Peggy Carter
Despite the cinematic success the TV front is somehow an Achilles heel for the comic’s juggernaut. Agents of Shield didn't impress anyone in their premiere season. The second season was somehow of an improvement. But still you can't call it a must show because it doesn't differentiate itself from all the rest of the shows on the mainstream networks. I'll be even drastic about the issue because most of the generic shows on the mainstream networks are average while Agents of Shield in its first season didn't manage even reach that low bar.
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Agent Carter on the other hand seems like a completely different experience, at least if you compare it to Agents of Shield. But how can it be compared when it’s a complete opposite of the disappointing Agents of Shield. Agent Carter is everything that Agents of shield tried to be but failed miserably. It’s serious, with a strong lead that shines above everything else in the show. It is witty and funny in a good way and in the right timing. The female lead struggles in the tough male environment of the 40's and manages to show the stereotypical men of that time how to do things right. 

Peggy Carter is non apologetic and better than everyone else in her quiet sophisticated way. Agent Carter can get her hands dirty when needed, and when she does, she is one tough lady that you don't want to encounter in a dark alley.
agent carter official poster
Agent Carter Poster
Hayley Atwell looks very good as Peggy Carter, she is tough when she needs to be, always sharp and surprisingly sexy when the job requires her to be. Stark’s butler Jarvis is fun in his own way and gives you an opportunity to connect the show not only to the obvious Captain America film but to the Iron man films as well. Lyndsy Fonseca is still a mystery in the show but she will probably have a substantial impact in the future.

I’m not a great fan of Marvel because of the non compromising PG direction that they have branded to themselves, but I have to give them credit here. Their biggest advantage over everyone else is that not like other studious and networks they always learn how to improve themselves in the long run. They always have a plan and even when things don't go their way they are persistent and believe in their creations and see things others don't.

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Rating: 4.8 / 5 Stars

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photo credit: Disney | ABC Television Group via photopin cc

photo credit: Disney | ABC Television Group via photopin cc

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