ASOIAF - Who are the Parents of Jon Snow? 3 Most Popular Theories

Who Sired Jon Snow?

Who are the parents of John Snow? This question is making the fans of the ASOIAF series crazy. It is one of the core foundations that the entire series is build around.

Be aware massive spoilers inside.

Jon Snow Potential Parents are:

Eddard Stark and Ashara Dayne 

Winter Is Coming eddard stark
Winter Is Coming (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
We presume that before Eddard had to take his brother's Brendon place and marry Catelyn Tully he was involved in a relationship with Ashara Dayne. The facts regarding their relationship are very vague and very little is known. The only thing we know for sure was that in the end Ashara Dayne killed herself. The question was why? There are few speculations why Ashara Dayne killed herself:

  • Maybe because she couldn’t stand seeing Eddard marrying another woman
  • Maybe because Eddard killed her brother Arthur Dayne the Sword of the Morning and she couldn’t bare living on knowing her lover killed her Brother.
  • If Ashara was truly Jon Snow's mother, she killed herself because she couldn’t bare living without her son (Eddard taken John with him to Winterfell) or she felt like she was dishonored by Eddard leaving her with a kid without marrying her

Eddard Stark and Wylla

According to the conversation between Eddard and Robert Wylla is the mother of Jon Snow. Unfortunately that theory doesn’t seem to stick with ASOIAF fans. Even Robert is amazed that Eddard managed to forget all about his honor and sired Jon Snow with Wylla. Wylla was most likely the milk mother for Jon at the time Jon was making the journey with Eddard to Winterfell like Edric Dayne told Arya when they met or maybe Wylla was Jons milk mother after the Death of Ashara Deyne (if Ashara Deyne was Jons real mother).

Rhaegar Targaryen and Liana Stark

a song of ice and fire Rhaegar Targaryen
Rhaegar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
This is the most common theory. It is the answer to the title of the entire a song of ice and fire series of books (Liana stark = ice while Rhaegar Targaryen = fire). Rhaegar and Liana were most likely married after Rhaegar “kidnapped” Liana from the tournament in Harrenhal. 9 month later when Eddard Stark and Howland Reed where the only survivors from the battle of Tower of Joy, they found Liana dying after giving birth to Jon Snow. Liana made Eddard promise her to protect her son in any way possible. This is why Eddard took Jon to Winterfell and never disclosed his true identity fearing Robert’s wrath.

In addition to the 3 theories that were described above there is another theory. This theory is not as popular as the 3 and is the least likely to be true but it is kinky and a Stark Family members play a major part in it, so it is a lot of fun. 
The Forth Theory can be found in the following Link: Jon's Parents - The Kinky Theory

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