ASOIAF - Who are the Parents of Jon Snow? New Kinky Theory

Is Jon Snow a Stark?

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House Stark Winter is Coming
I will admit that this is not as common and popular theory in the ASOIAF books as the previous 3 Jon Snow Parents Theories. It is the least likely theory but still it is my favorite one of them all.

Be aware massive spoilers inside.

We know that the Targaryens used to marry brothers to sisters for 300 years to sustain the purity of the Targaryen blood line. Just like the Targaryens the Lannister twins Jaime and Cersei have been involved in a romantic / sexual relationship since they were teenagers and had 3 children Jeofrey, Mircella and Thomen as a result of their forbidden love affair. The Lannisters even justified their relationship to each other taking examples from the Targaryens history. If the Targaryens can go kinky, and the Lannisters follow the Targaryens lead, why not the Starks as well.

Eddard's reaction to the discovery that: Jaime Lannister sired Cerscei’s 3 children hinted the fact that he may be in the same position. He wasn’t shocked, mad angry or repulsed with Cersei the moment she confirmed it. If you pay attention to how Eddard Stark behaves, says and what he thinks about during the chapter and after it you will understand that there is something there. After the conversation with Cersei he thinks of Liana more frequently and that gets you thinking. Even in HBO's TV show look at Sean Bean's expression during his confrontation with Cersei, he is all screwed up and even Cersei notices it. Eddard feels that the Jaime, Cersei affair brings him back to the forbidden affair of his own, the one he tried so much to suppress in his own hart with Liana. The Result of this forbidden affair is Jon a pure blooded Stark.

I will say again this is the least likely theory of them all but knowing GRRM letting everyone and their mother believe in the Rhaegar Targeryan and Liana Stark theory. He can pull something that nobody expects, and this theory can be the means to do it.

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  1. The literature is certainly more interesting that the TV series.

  2. No doubt, the books explore so much more. The viewers of the TV show cant even imagine to themselves what they are missing.