The Last Days on Mars Review: Surprisingly Efficient Thriller

The Last Days on Mars - This Is How You Make a Thriller

Without Liev Schreiber taking part in The Last Days on Mars, nobody would be even aware of the movie’s existence. Sure there were some familiar names appearing in the movie, like Elias Koteas and Olivia Williams. Koteas is post his prime and didn’t do anything substantial lately and Olivia Williams does not have enough star power so we are left with Liev Schreiber.

The movie had a slow start with confusing interactions between most of the characters at the beginning of the film. It was difficult to really grasp what was the team’s mission on Mars, but as the movie progressed and the main plot continued to develop. The vague exposition seemed not very important. The Last Days on Mars turned to be an efficient Horror / Thriller as we continued watching and letting the story develop. The viewers, just like The Last Days on Mars characters didn’t really get what exactly was happening during the moments of the chaos that broke in the compound. While the main heroes were trying to run for their lives the audience was hooked to rout for Schreiber and the rest of the living survivors.

Surprisingly the film generated the same reactions you experienced watching the first Alien from 1979, that's something very big for a movie that a few days ago was an enigma (at least to me).
The movie didn't look like having a bombastic production. It had a very small cast and all needed resources were used efficiently to create a very believable visual environment of Mars that thrilled the viewers and made it very difficult to sit in one place during the viewing experience

The film took a known to all horror/thriller formula added some zombie genre elements and glued it all together in a way that every viewer that liked at least one out of the 3 genres mentioned above would like the final outcome.
The bottom line is that The film is surprisingly efficient Horror, Thriller. 
The Last Days on Mars is a cool movie to check out not only if you are a fan of Horror, Thriller and Zombie genres because every one can relate to a well told story by very good cast of actors. it is a recommended film to check in your spare time.

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The Last Days on Mars

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