Tales of Dunk and Egg: The Mystery Knight Review

G.R.R Martin'sThe Mystery Knight Graphic Novel Review

The third chapter in The Tales of Dunk and Egg saga is The Mystery Knight. The Mystery Knight graphic novel forces our two heroes to hit the road on their way to Winterfell but during their journey they encounter Gormon Peake of Starpike, Alyn Cockshaw and a fancy Hedge knight named John the Fiddler. 
medieval armor - Dunk's Armor
Dunk in Armor
Who make their way to attend a wedding of Lord Ambrose Butterwell to a Frey girl.  John the Fiddler invites Dunk to attend the wedding who initially refuses but the prize of a dragon egg which would be presented to the winner of the joust swages Dunk to attend the wedding after all. 

In addition to the high born knights that Dunk and Egg meet on their way to Whitewalls to attend Butterwell's wedding. Our two heroes encounter 3 fellow Hedge knights who are on their way to the wedding as well: Ser Maynard Plumm, Ser Kyle the Cat of Misty Moor and  Ser Glendon Ball. Each of the hedge knights has an interesting background story that is revealed to the readers as the Mystery Knight's plot continues to progress forward. Those background stories are the reasons that keep most of the interest during the first half of The Mystery Knight. Towards the end of the short story Dunk discovers that Daemon II Blackfyre attends the wedding under a false identity and that Dunk and Egg are in the middle of Second Blackfyre Rebellion.

The Mystery Knight was the least entertaining short story from the 3 that were released under the Tales of Dunk and Egg title. Its slow and at times boring events hurt the progress of the story and it somehow diminished the important events that happened in the end. Although it wasn’t as good as The Hedge Knight and The Sworn Sword I would still recommend it to all you ASOIAF fans (or any other book lover) to check it out because it is still an important piece of Westeros History. It is constantly mentioned during the Song of Ice and Fire books. The short stories of Dunk and Egg will give you another opportunity to really grasp the history of Westeros and help you complete the missing parts of historical tales that were mentioned in the ASOIAF books.

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