2 Guns Review: Modern Day Tango & Cash

2 Guns - Washington and Wahlberg Vs. the World

2 Guns featuring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg gave us a used up formula of two guys going against the world making fun on the expense of each other on the way.

The only thing that made this film stand out from the action film crowd was the back and forth sequences between Wahlberg and Washington. In addition to Wahlberg and Washington It was nice to wash your eyes with Paula Patton who apparently took her clothes off in 2 Guns. You would think she would save that for a bit bigger film or more important role but she wasted it here. James Marsden made us remember that he is still around and Edward James Olmos appeared as Papi the Mexican drug Kingpin.

The main story focuses on DEA agent (Washington) that is deep undercover trying to bring down a major drug Kingpin. His partner in crime is a navy deserter (Wahlberg) that is going undercover to make some dirty money for the naive (yea sounds pretty dumb indeed). Our two heroes don't know about each other's undercover identity and each believes that he is playing the other, while both are being played by third party that brings a much bigger problem on their heads.

it's hard to mention something that was remember able that we didn't see in Tango & Cash or any other similar films that were made a decade ago. 2 Guns was not bad but it was the same redundant formula over and over again. It’s hard to get really exited seeing something that you seen before. If you have not seen films from the following formula there is a high chance that you will get somehow excited about it, otherwise it's a fun film to stare at for a hour and half, but nothing more than that.

Recently it was published that 2 Guns might be getting a sequel. What makes me think about its title "2 Guns 2”? It's catchy for sure; if you liked 2 Guns, you got something to wait for.

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