Grown Ups 2 Review: Same Old Sandler Formula

Nothing Special from Sandler

Watching Grown Ups 2 was not something that was planned. The DVD was laying around for a while now. There was nothing better to do so Grown Ups 2 was put to use.

This comedy is not for everyone. If you used to like Sandler's humor, Grown Ups 2 keeps the same formula like all Adam Sandler movies. 

You don’t get anything special here but you will get a decent amount of dumb jokes that will make you smile once or twice.

There is plenty of physical violence scenes as well. 
There were way too many cleavages in the film from a group of very busty women.  It seemed that every time they were on the screen their breast needed to be showcased in its full glory.

In addition to the regular Grown Ups cast we saw in the first film (Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade, Salma Hayek ... ) you get Shaquille O'neal who was doing his regular goofy act, Steve Austin, Taylor Lautner as the monkey flipping college goon and his retarded sidekick Milo Ventimiglia (how low some actors fall).

Grown Ups 2 doesn’t offer anything extra that we didn't see before from Sandler and the rest of his friends. If you judge this film according to Adam Sandler previous movies and their criteria, this film will be average minus. It’s unfortunate that Sandler keeps on doing the same things over and over again without any attempt on his part to get a new material. Sandler’s acting was never his strong side and we can see that it didn’t improve in Grown Ups 2.

The movie itself had some fun moments but the furt / burf / sneeze joke got old after the second time, unfortunately Sandler and his crew kept on doing the disturbing act over and over again. The scene in the end with Sandler and Austin felt like a massive overkill and was difficult to watch because it was way too awkward and it lasted forever. The brawl at the end looked ridiculously stupid but fun in the same time, but where did Maria Bello disappear midway into the film?

It’s hard to call Grown Ups 2 a cool movie, but if you tend to like Sandler's humor and take the film for what it is. You will manage to laugh from few jokes and at the end of a day if a movie puts a smile on your face, it was worth it.

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