Starz Black Sails Pilot Premiere Review

Black Sails Renewed for Season 2

Black Sails debuted last week on Starz with a bang. From a network that brought us Spartacus Black Sails is promising to be Starz’s lead show after all it took Spartacus’s original air date. Just like Spartacus Black Sails presented us an ambitious TV show that strives to succeed in the cut throat world of entertaining TV. The show is violent, bloody and has some bold sex scenes. The dosage of the blood and sex does not exceed too much at least not as we got used to Starz but it’s there and makes you feel like Starz cannot air a show without those elements.
Michael Bay / Starz production of Black sails
Starz's new Pirates Series

Black Sails scenery was shot perfectly. who wouldn’t want to live on those amazing islands and I truly understand why the pirates chose it as their home. The costumes, ships and everything between looked real and made you think that Starz brought that dark and dangerous time to your living room. Most of the Black Sails cast are unknown actors but that didn’t get in the way of giving a good performance. Sure there were some actors that made some of the characters stand out in the crowd and you didn’t really what is that actor got to do with the role that he is playing. Like Billy Bones who just didn’t look like a pirate. The guy looked too soft to be a pirate. The same can be said about Max who looked too smart for the role of a simple working girl that was looking for her big break. Captain Flint looked a bit Introverted and too quiet for a pirate captain, on the other hand it made him look smart and mysterious. Flint’s untraditional pirate characteristics will allow his character to maneuver freely for the time being. it is going to be a growing period for flint to be accepted by the audience by evolving and opening his captain of the pirates character in the first season of the show just like he did in the pilot finale.

The opening scene with the assault on the Traders ship looked promising but as the episode progressed the excitement went up and down with numerous new characters that tried to make a good first impression (Eleanor Guthrie). Some succeeded more than others and some made a strange debut (Captain Charles Vane).

After watching the Black Sails pilot episode it’s really hard to judge a show like Black Sails without understanding completely where exactly the wind is blowing with this fresh pirate series. If it was an ordinary show we could say that it can go either way, but this is a Michael Bay / Starz production and we already know that Black Sails was already renewed for season 2 even before it debuted on TV. 
As of now after one episode Black Sails looks interesting enough with a lot of potential and I will check it out to see what happens to the pirated of Black sails.

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  1. Loved the first episode of Black Sails. I'll be watching each & every one. Hopefully, there'll be more blood & smashed heads.

  2. its a Starz show, so there will be a lot more blood to come.