Black Sails Season 1 Review

I really wanted to like black sails after all this was the show that got Spartacus's spot. You have to admire the effort that a small network like Starz is putting in to creating their shows.
Starz black sails with Toby Stephens as captain flint, Hannah New and Luke Arnold
Black Sails
I have to say that everything that has to do with the background scenery looked fantastic it gave you a paradise island feeling, only with vicious filthy pirates.

You can say that watching black sails first season was an enjoyable experience but it never turned to be anything more and by that I mean that it wasn't a show you wait an entire year for ( like Spartacus, game of thrones and the walking dead) and that's a shame because when Starz announced that black sails was renewed for season 2 before airing its first episode from its first season it made us hope were getting Spartacus only with pirates.
Video: Black Sails: An Inside Look Starz brings you an inside look to its flagship show of this season

One of the major problems that didn't allow the show to really pick up and become great were the leading characters. Flint was too mysterious for his own good, something that didn't allow us really to connect to the character. When his goal was revealed it was too late because we just didn't care anymore besides the goal itself seemed to be weak and not really as exciting to hold the entire season on its shoulders. 

The rest of the characters were not something to brag about either: Eleanor Guthrie was constantly struggling with herself making her character very exhausting to watch or figuring out why does she care so much about an island that was full of pirates that want to rape her and cut her throat on a daily basis. I didn't really understand most of the action of the Max character because she went against logic and tormented herself just to look stubborn, the only thing that you can remember from her is an endless list of nude scenes that served no purpose at all. 
Captain Charles Vane half of the time this guy was trying (unsuccessfully) to look as the toughest pirate on the island while the rest of the time he was drunk feeling sorry for himself. I myself didn't really understand the Anne Bonny character because her actions constantly conflicted with her previous actions. the only characters I really liked were John Silver and Rackham both were sneaky and most of all their actions were logical that's pretty much what made me like those guys. they were not conflicted with themselves like all the rest of the characters in the show. both found themselves in difficult situations that threatened their lives but both men never gave up, kept on going on forward ignoring their difficult situation heading each on to his success.

it's really hard to recommend black sails as a must see show, nevertheless it is definitely better than half of the shows that were on TV this last winter season. The show is enjoyable most of the time, some episodes had great cliff hangers that made you keep counting the days for the next episode. Black Sails had a lot of nudity (not as much as Spartacus but still more than your average show), great landscapes and original outfits. I will watch the second season of Black Sails I don't know if you are going to but you are welcome to check out the Trailer for the first season of the show to make up your minds.

Video: Black Sails Trailer

Black Sails DVD

Black Sails: Season 1

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  1. It had so much potential, but they never go to the main goal, which was to BATTLE WITH & capture the big treasure ship. Instead, they just turned it into a cliff hanger at the end, when they found that the ship had crashed on the beach with all the gold. All that was supposed to be the climax of the series, not the ending. I blame the writers. Surely, they could have written a better series & thought up something new for next year. To me, it was a bust. I don't know whether I want to bother to see it next year. It's not the only game in town & airs during a season where there's been so much more to watch.

  2. I think they dragged everything else too much just to reach the climax; the problem was that everything else was not very interesting (at least most of the time).
    The entire season felt like it was cut in the middle, I didn’t even know that there were only 8 episodes. Only when they started killing important characters I figured out that this is the end.
    Like you said the climax with the treasure ship didn’t deliver, and why was Flint spared at the end? The crew is on the island with the treasure ship, what do they need Flint for? I don’t know what they are going to do for season 2 but at this point it doesn’t look good.

  3. The entire slave angle is a complete BS (like you said), the fact that Daenerys gave up freeing slaves by marrying that foul (Hizdahr zo Loraq) tells you everything you need to know about Daenerys. She goes for the honorable goals only when it fits her or it’s convenient for her.
    Jorah does act strangely, why would he choose to be stuck with that crazy child, when he can go back home especially now when his father is dead and a lot of members from his family killed by the Boltons/Freys.

  4. Totally agree, I'm new to the series, read the books, have little interest in the t.v. show for the same reason I don't care much for Vampire Diaries. I view it an excuse for directors to make porn and keep their credibility. As for Dany I respected her character in the first book where she started to stand up for herself. I enjoy strong female leads like Arya and Brienne, not because their tomboys but because of their strength and resolve.

    Dany on the other hand after the first book went down hill; where other characters face reality and physics that ultimately gets them dead or wounded. Such as when Jamie stated they had no hope to win but they could die with sword in hand. Dany has all the magic of the writer behind her. Plus she is predictable, like with the unsullied slave trade, When she first agreed to give up her dragon, I knew she was gonna deceive them.
    I agree with not wanting to read her chapters, shes entitled little girl who wouldn't know honor if ran up and ran her through. She constantly makes me want to put the book down and wish I had been born with both eyes blind instead of one. As for the show I don't know to much of it, other then it apparently does a good job story wise; but I cant get over the overuse of sex to keep the audience interested (namely dudes). I know that I have no interest in seeing Dany get raped which I know is a scene or seeing her used for the writers hook for the show. Even in the books I kinda find her to be used as a "I'm cursed because I am beautiful" and used for the dark pleasure intrigue of the readers.

  5. I can’t really understand who watches the Vampire Diaries and why is that show is running for so long. Anyway Dany was tolerable in the first book. Her pick was the house of the undying chapter, everything else that followed was straight to downhill town. I even liked Cersei,

    somebody who is one sick individual and still was a fun time to read.
    The unsullied was a complete joke; I tried to imagine Tywin Lannister in the place of the slave traders and how he would have treated Dany instead, in that case Dany’s life would get drastically shortened.
    The reason I can’t read her chapters is because nothing interesting happens there, it’s always the same with her.

  6. I agree, she just seems to walk around self entitled making bad decisions and harping on about being the mother of dragons. Tyrion is the best and she is my least favourite. Joffrey and Cercsi are awesome because they are the bad guys that are so entertaining and fun to hate but are we supposed to be rooting for her? Maybe she is crazy like her dad.

  7. Aria is the best, although Cersei is fun as well, she is most definitely crazy as her dad.