Game Of Thrones Season 3 Review: The wedding from hell

No happy endings in GOT Season 3

Game of Thrones Season 3 continues exactly where Game of Thrones 2 season stopped. Sam survives the white walkers attack. John was brought to the king beyond the wall. Sansa looks better and is not as shocked as she was before. The crazy Targaryen's (Daenerys) ranks are about to grow when she is about to buy (or like I call it - steal) a slave army of the unsullied and Barristan Selmy pops out of nowhere to offer his services to Daenerys as her queens guard. Arya meets the brotherhood without banners and her new body Sandor Clegane. Theon ... ohh Theon, Theon is in trouble.
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The most interesting confrontation we saw in episode one featured the Lannisters. It was between Tyrion and Tywin. Tirion truly understood that he means nothing to his father.

This season progressed a lot slower than the previous 2 seasons, there were a lot of great supporting characters that were added to season 3, which we had to be introduced to and follow their stories. The great thing about the Song of Ice and Fire book series and Game of thrones the TV series that all characters are developed well none of the characters gets neglected (and there are a lot of characters). I presume that the regular viewers of Game of Thrones who didn't read the books would be slightly confused from all the events and the new and the old characters that gathered in the 7 kingdoms so far. It would be difficult for them to follow this big world of Westeros. To see and understand each characters point of view' their ambitions would be even harder to fully understand.

This season we had certain characters go through deep transformation. whether it’s how the viewers of the show started to see them regardless the first impression those same characters had. And a deep change and personnel development that some of them went through.

Game Of Throne characters that endured the biggest change

Jaime Lannister

The Transformation in Jame's character started last season but the real change happened in season 3. The moment he got his hand chopped off nobody remembered that he pushed a little kid out of the window in season 1. The moment Jaime lost his hand he lost his arrogance and the audience started to see him as a regular dude (without his hand) and not as a villain.

Arya Stark

Arya Stark sword fighting with serio ferrell
Lord Snow (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Arya started her transformation last season and this season the progression continues. Arya's time with the Brotherhood without banners and her time with Sandor Clegane opened her eyes completely. Whether it was the battle between Beric Dondarrion and Sandor Clegane where Clegane prevailed when according to the laws of men he wasn’t supposed to, or the fact that Dandarian sold Gendry to the Red woman Melisandre. Those events taught Arya a painful but very important lesson. The world is a cruel place, it has no justice and the only justice that does exist is the justice an individual crafts by himself from his own perspective. 

I will add something more regarding Arya and Jaime. Pay attention that both
Arya and Jaime are going through a deep transformation. While Jaime’s character transforming from a villain to a hero, Arya is making the reverse route and accepts her dark side, bit by bit she is becoming something dark and dangerous (like that Frey soldier found out).

Theon Greyjoy

Theon was considered as a villain last season but now it’s a completely different game. During the entire season the guy is being tortured in hardest way possible. Just to be molded into the complete opposite of whom he used to be ... Reek

Stannis Baratheon

In season 2 Stannis was introduced as this cold hearted douche. To tell you the truth I was very upset with the way he was introduced to the viewers because I know that Stannis is one of the most complex characters in the entire Song of Ice and Fire series (I personally like Stannis). In season 3 we are getting a different look at Stannis and were does he come from and why does he make the decisions he makes. We see the baggage he carries, from the small glimpse on Selice (Stannis's wife), her behavior and the environment she lives in (dead fetuses) you immediately understand why Stannis is sleeping with Melisandre. On the other hand when you see Stannis with his daughter Sherine we are exposed to a different side of Stannis, a side we didn't see before.

John Snow

John Snow is playing the sleeper spy with the wildings but during his time on the other side he breaks his pledge he took when he joined the nights watch. John Sleeps with Ygritte and likes it, but that doesn't stop him from being a crow and escape in the fitting time.

Sandor Clegane

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Estandarte creado con photoshop usando material libre o creado ex profeso por mi e inspirado por las obras de Canción de Hielo y Fuego. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Sandor Clegane is not one of the main characters but he is one of my favorite ones. Sandor Clegane's character doesnt change but the viewers perspective regarding him changes with time. Clegane doesn't try to be what he is not, he knows that he is a killer and as long as it fits him he will serve under Joffrey and the Lannisters and do the horrible things they command him to do but the moment it does not fit him he will tell them to go and screw themselves regardless of their position and status. In season 2 Sandor broke out of his killer character and really tried to help Sansa. In season 3 he does the similar thing with Arya. Deep inside Sandor Clegane is a likable guy you just need to dig real deep to discover it.

I am not going to discuss the most important issue that occurred this season: The Red Wedding (not in this post). I dedicated an entire post to the event a few days ago. If you want to check out the Red Wedding post follow - Game Of Thrones Season 3 Episode 9 Review.

There were very high expectations from this season (The Red Wedding) and the creators of the show knew that. In a sense I felt like in the beginning of the season D. B. Weiss and David Benioff didn’t give everything they had because they knew that no matter what is going to happen at the beginning of the season nobody will care. As long as the Red Wedding will be shocking enough they will be ok. And it really worked for them. After all we need to accept that this season is based on the first part of book 3 a storm of swords. You might think that certain events need to be saved for the 2nd part of the book aka Game of thrones Season 4.

With all that was said, this 3rd season of Game of Thrones was the best so far. The Red wedding blew people away I know that because I had to live The Red Wedding trauma again and it was as painful just like the last time regardless the fact that I knew what’s coming. the build up for GOT season 4 was outstanding, episode 10 of season 3 was dedicated to teez the viewers for the 4th season. The producers directors and the acting cast did it in such a great way with: Jaime meets Cersei, John Snow manages to come back home, Arya delivers us a small vangeance and a teez for whats next, Theon sister Asha is on a rescue mission, Bran is Beyond the wall and Stannis is on his way to the North. The only thing that did bother me was Daenerys at the end, the entire thing was made to look over the top and i didnt want to see Daenerys close this great season. Game of thrones season 4 is definitely something worth waiting for.

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  1. It was a letdown seeing Daenerys receiving adulation from conquered slaves again while she stands there stupefied by all the love & adoration. She's too special. The season finale needed more action, less "knowing looks" at each other, as if it was all a mid-season setup for a climax. There WAS NO climax. Disappointing.

  2. i agree that the Daenerys scene didn't need to happen
    The red wedding wasn't enough for you ?

  3. I would rather the wedding have taken place at the last episode, leaving everyone shocked, like a proper cliff hanger. But what do I know! :-)

  4. i think it could work for the fans that read the books but the majority of shows audience didn't read the books and it would be too much of a shocker for them. they would not be able to understand why the red wedding happened and who is really responsible. that is why episode 10 was constructed mostly for talking and explanations of what just happened in the north and set up teezers for the next season.